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I’m so excited to FINALLY reveal what I wanted to shout from the rooftops! Meet Circle. A new way for families to easily manage content and time online for every device in the home. It is the only gift I can basically guarantee won’t give you buyer’s remorse. Yes, it’s that cool. Every family needs this in their home. Don’t...
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Christmas Countdown (featured)
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There are only 4 weeks left until Christmas...FOUR!!!  Anybody else freaking out here?  I'd love to get all Pinterest-y cute with my kids, but let's face it---sometimes real life happens. Sometimes the dirty clothes are mounting faster than a freeway pileup.  Sometimes helping the kids with their homework feels like filing taxes the old...
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canvas deal
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Know all those gorgeous family pictures you had taken? The ones you spent hours picking out the perfect combination of outfits for? Yes, the ones still on your hard drive..... It's time sister. Time to get them ON YOUR WALL! We really love canvases on our walls. They had such a personal, classy touch. Not to mention, they're a GREAT gift...
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avoid weight gain during the holidays (featured)
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I must say that one of my favorite things about the holidays is the food.  Favorite family recipes, homemade pies, chocolate caramel bits, sugar cookies, buttered rolls...and it goes on and on.   So, tell me -  is it possible to avoid weight gain during the holidays, while still enjoying a slice of pie?  I say yes!  It is possible.  To...
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Tis the season to live in the kitchen, am I right? No complaints though because I love baking up some delicious cobbler, pies, rolls, and dont forget the mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and sweet potato casserole! Knowing they have been on the Christmas Eve dinner menu for years and that the family will be happily enjoying it all together under...
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Anyone traveling for Thanksgiving or Christmas break? Road trips can make the greatest memories but there are those moments where we all want to scream for it to be over. Here are some of our favorite items to help pass the time and actually make it fun! Some of these get the whole family interacting in a positive way and some of these items are...
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Button Monogram How-To Video Need an easy and cute go-to gift for the teen in your life? Watch this video for a fun and easy way to make this adorable present. Doesn't take many supplies. We used a white canvas and cut the monogram stencil out on our silhouette. If you don't have a vinyl cutter, simply print out your letter on paper and cut it...
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Pennys perfect pie crust featured image
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 Here is one from the archives that we know you'll love this holiday season! Holiday Preparations Made Perfect - 5 tips to help! This month we have been collecting and sharing our favorite ways to take our holiday preparations from PANIC to PERFECT! After all, aren't the holidays meant to be enjoyed by everyone -  host included? If you are...
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PRE BLACK FRIDAY SALE!!!!! GET 50% OFF WITH CODE "HDS50" HURRY - TODAY ONLY! I'm a total sucker for the magic of the holidays. You got elves on shelves? Hook me up. Fairy twinkle lights for my mantle? Ummm...yess.... You want to bake 40 dozen cookies? Done. BUT, nothing has made a bigger impression lately on my kids than the magic of...
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landing-v2 featured
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  Well my friends, it's that time again. Time for us to start thinking about the gifts of 2015. We compiled a list, with reader input, with the HOTTEST gifts for everyone on your list. Listen, these are toys and products that are cool YEAR round. These AREN'T the type that get tossed under the bed after a week. We researched and put...
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