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Teen parties featured
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You're only young once...and these epic parties are guaranteed to celebrate youth.  For those ages that are a little hard to please, here are 18 tween, teen, and sweet 16 parties they won't think are lame! 18 Epic Tween, Teen, and Sweet 16 Parties They Won't Think Are Lame: 1. Paintball party: Teens love getting active and don't mind...
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Glow Stick hacks featured
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I've always been a big fan of glow sticks...but did you know all of the cool things they can really do?  From survival uses to party tricks, here are 15 glow stick hacks that totally rock! 15 Glow Stick Hacks for Camping, Survival, Parties, & More! 1. Use them for emergency lighting You normally think of flashlights and candles as the...
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Shopkins party featured
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Shopkins Party Ideas - Those zany little foods are EVERYWHERE and have captured the hearts of girls of all ages.  There's no doubting Shopkins are super cool in kid-land right now.  Want to throw a smashing Shopkins party?  Here are 18 irresistible Shopkins party ideas that are sure to delight fans in your neck of the woods! 18...
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Party hacks featured
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We love throwing a good party, but dang...they can be a lot of work!  Here are some amazing party hacks that will make your next party a breeze!  Check out the 18 best party hacks that really pack a punch! 18 Party Hacks That Pack a Punch! 1. DIY edible glitter Gorgeous and yummy.  Sprinkle this easy edible glitter on cupcakes, cakes,...
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Cone featured
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  I have had three cardboard cones sitting in my craft room for months, begging for something creative to be done with them.  I finally turned to the web and was astounded at how many really amazing things you can do with a cone!  All of these cool crafts use either cardboard or styrofoam cones--both of which are super cheap.  Check...
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Button Monogram How-To Video Need an easy and cute go-to gift for the teen in your life? Watch this Button Monogram How-To Video for a fun and easy way to make this adorable present. Doesn't take many supplies. We used a white canvas and cut the monogram stencil out on our silhouette. If you don't have a vinyl cutter, simply print out your...
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lara art sticks featured image
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Stick Art Kit with Free Printables Looking for a fun and easy DIY gift for your little ones? I'm thinking it's even perfect for the little ones to give away....we had a blast the other day making this stick art kit. The kids couldn't stop playing with them! Watch the video below and you'll see how easy and adorable it is! Who will you make...
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See how customized ice packs & reusable drink koozies "team" up and add more spirit to your celebration!   A basic kitchen sponge becomes a convenient ice pack when it is soaked in water, frozen, then sealed in a ziploc bag.  As the ice pack melts, the sponge contains the water to prevent dripping.  It's a handy...
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Table cloths featured
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My poor, plain table has been naked long enough.  It whines at me while I'm washing dishes, why do the curtains get to have all the fun?  I'm loving these gorgeous table cloths that are perfect for parties, dinner with friends, weddings, or just to ramp up your kitchen decor.  Check out these 18 table cloths that are simply to die for! 1....
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With all these fun Summer parties and birthdays quickly approaching, I couldn't pass up the chance to share one of my favorite treats! This is the most customizable delicious ice cream cake around and it only takes a few minutes to throw together! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Ingredients: 24 ice cream sandwiches 12 oz - whipped...
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