Carousel designs (featured)
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Yes, I am getting all sentimental over here. It's hard to put into words what a baby does to a Mommy's heart. It's simply an indescribable love. And quite honestly, the more babies I have, the more babies I want. Tell me I'm not the only one?! I have been blessed with two babies in the past two years. Designing their nurseries has been an...
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Making your home a friendship factory, give those sibling rivalries the boot (featured)
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How to make your home a friendship factory -give those sibling rivalries the boot! As famous as sibling rivalries are, I don't know any parent that relishes them. Most often they are viewed as the side effect of having more than one child. While I agree that often these rivalries are produced from circumstances outside our total control, I do...
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Boost immune system featured
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  Naturally boost your child's immune system With kids in school, large families, and germs everywhere...sicknesses are being bounced around like a pinball machine.  If you're sick of being sick, or sick of your kids always being sick, it's time to give them a little boost!  Here are 14 tricks to naturally boost your child's immune...
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5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home (featured)
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5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home 5 Ways to Soothe A Child's Cold Symptoms At Home:  After 81 months of pregnancy, roughly 72 months of nursing babies, nine children, 5 hrs average sleep on the good nights, countless sack lunches,  and (what feels like) a billion runny noses- I consider myself a seasoned parent. Not seasoned...
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nicolette time capsule featured image
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  {2004} Ten years ago, I left my small Idaho town to enter the much larger fish bowl of university life.  I was starting fresh, in a new state, with nothing but big dreams in my pocket.  My $6 an hour dream job at the movie theatre gave me free popcorn, soda, and movies.  How could life possibly get better?  My most frustrating...
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6 new christmas eve traditions for a magical holiday (featured)
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Each family has traditions- some are keepers for eternity (like acting out the nativity and caroling) but sometimes a few of them need a kick in the pants.  This list of new traditions will give you ideas to infuse your Christmas Eve with new life- and will certainly bring smiles to you and yours like it has to ours for...
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backyard discovery (featured)
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*This is a sponsored post for Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Leisure Time Products™.  All opinions are my own. Basically, this swingset rocks. --- Does anyone else feel like our children are eating more junk food, playing computer and video games too much, and spending less time outdoors? Winter's chill only makes matters worse. Even...
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a life not worth pinning featured
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A Life Not Worth Pinning Some parenting moments are not Pinterest-worthy. Some moments are the stinks. And that’s okay. When I was pregnant with my first baby, a week overdue and miserable, the midwife told me to enjoy this time with the baby inside me, revel in the feel of her movements, and not be too anxious to give birth. Basically,...
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diy carseat canopy featured image
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  Car seat canopies are all the rage these days and now that I'm about to have another baby, I can see why. First off, it keeps baby nice and shady for naps on the run. I can remember tossing a blanket over my older girl's car seats when they were infants and it never stayed in place, always falling off and waking up my sleeping babe...
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I didn't register for baby gifts when I had my first baby (or subsequent babies). I guess I just didn't realize the benefits. When I got about 25 baby blankets at my shower, I quickly realized what a helpful tool baby registry is. It's a great way to express what you might NEED for a new baby without being in your guests face about it.  I know,...
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