beauty tips from the kitchen
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Why spend the extra money on store bought beauty items when you can make them for so much cheaper? These beauty tips are not only cheaper but also don't contain harmful ingredients that may be doing damage to your skin. Enjoy! 1. DIY Scalp Treatment. 2. DIY Blackhead removal. 3.  Homemade All-Natural Deodorant. 4.  Use Palmolive to...
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short hair collage
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 Short hair is awesome for so many reasons.... it helps bring out your facial features, it's different from everyone else and it always grows back if you don't like it.  Although what's not to like?  These ladies know how to rock the short hair.  Here's 13 fabulous ideas to looking good with short hair! 1. Beach Waves for Short Hair....
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alison prince and #pypgrandpa
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The #1 thing not to do in a selfie...you guessed it.  DON'T MISS YOUR TARGET! If you follow me on instagram you'll know that #pypgrandpa and I always have a great time. But remember the value in capturing the moment and not on the take out food.    Okay let's get to the nitty gritty of taking selfies and WHY you want to take selfies. #1...
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Need some quick and easy ways to make your girls' hair looking cute, yet still get them out the door in time?  Here's our latest finds! 1-3.  My oldest is loving the ponytail lately.  Time to mix it up with these 3 quick and easy ponytail hairstyles. Here. 4.  Buns are always fun!  Get the details for the Loopy looking bun Here....
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A couple of weeks ago I came across a new iger and was so fascinated with her style of braids.  She started about 2 months ago and is growing so quickly.  I'm excited to share her video's with you.  She is amazing!! @anniesforgetmeknots  Take it away Annie! Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be able to share some of my YouTube...
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  Why should the young girls have all the fun? Here's some amazing braid tutorials for the more grown up crowd! 1. For those with short hair, this is a beautiful braid!  Here. 2 The Braided Bun... perfect for a special day or even a day at the office.  Here. 3.  Ever seen these great bohemian side braids? I haven't until now but I...
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glossy box circle thumb
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Let's be honest. You don't do much for yourself anymore. Kids. Husband. Job. We're busy! Sometimes I feel like I'm forgetting to take care of me! We have a simple solution for this common problem. GlossyBox. GlossyBox is a monthly box subscription full of 5 beauty items - makeup, skincare, haircare, etc. These aren't your run of the mill,...
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07.09.14 Spa Towel DIY
diy spa towel featured image
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It's been a hot summer here in the northwest. The days have been blistering hot, and although it's mostly dry heat, I sometimes feel like I'm going to melt into a puddle on the sidewalk. Something that always gets me in the summer is getting ready for the day. I love a really hot shower, but in the hot months I try and change to a more tepid...
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emily leather hair bow featured image
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I've had a bit of a love affair with leather lately. The wonderful thing about it is, there are so many different textures, thicknesses, and colors, and the applications are endless. Lucky for me, my dad is a hunter, going to South Africa every year and also hunting buffalo, deer, and elk closer to home. He gave me a few tanned hides, and I got...
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baby knotted headband featured image
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I am sure you have all seen these cute knotted headbands that seem to be the latest style trend for little girls! I was dying to get my hands on some and decided to try my hand at pattern making and creating them on my own! This turned out to be such an easy little sewing project and I had to share with all of you ladies! These headbands are so...
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