18 Ways to Avoid the Summer Brain Drain
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18 Ways to Avoid the Summer "Brain Drain" You know how summer has so many possibilities for lots of fun and learning and memories? And then on about week 2 it all goes down the drain (or is this just me? ha!)? I've been thinking there's got to be some fun and easy ways for kids to learn and still have fun, you know so they can avoid the summer...
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fishtail3 featured
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  Easy Fishtail Tutorial Easy Fishtail Tutorial Hi everyone! Like I mentioned in my basic dutchbraid tutorial we have received a lot of requests for a basic fishtail braid as well. So Here is this tutorial to work on! we will be learning how to achieve the dutch fishtail braid in a few weeks so stay tuned! I hope that you all love...
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halo3 featured
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Topsy Tail Tutorial: Hey guys! It is heating up quick and the last thing I want on these hot summer days is to have my long hair getting stuck to my neck from sweat! Yuck! So I wanted to put this modified version of the halo braid on here, using the good ol topsy tail. I love this hairstyle for summer because like I said it keeps the hair...
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 Pregnancy. A beautiful time. Some of you glow. Some of you have thickening beautiful hair. Some of you can rock non maternity skinny jeans till your delivery date. And some of you, like me, might feel like your body got hit by a Mac truck. Some of you might not fit into double your normal size maternity clothing. And some of you just might...
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dutchbraid2 featured image
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 Dutch Braid Tutorial Hi Guys! This week we are going back to the basics with learning how to do a dutch braid. How Does She and I have received a lot of requests to show how to do this braid a long with a couple others. So keep an eye out this month for a few basic braided tutorials! I feel so bad because I assumed that everyone already...
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twice baked potato
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How to Make Twice Baked Potatoes with Egg On Top Looking for a new idea for a yummy breakfast or even brunch? This twice baked potato has got it all- it's simple to make and even has your daily protein added right on top! Enjoy this delicious recipe - I'm off to the kitchen to get my cooking on!   How about some dessert? These...
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06.08.15 Voloom Review
IMG_8627 copy
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exwXRqltoko Voloom Review Hey Guys! This week is a first impression/review on a product that has been growing like crazy over the past year, it is the every popular Voloom! I won't lie guys, it is seriously the best thing ever! I was actually shocked about how much I liked this product....
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Grilled Chocolate Bananas
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HowDoesHe Make Delicious Grilled Chocolate Marshmallow Bananas This week we're taking things outside. These grilled chocolate marshmallow bananas will be a sure hit with the kids! Going camping anytime soon? Maybe some family time around the fire pit? Either way, this easy recipe is sure to be a...
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my mascara routine featured
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How To: Mascara Tutorial Hi there! This weeks How To has been a constant request since I became a contributor for HowDoesShe, everyone has been wondering about what products I use for my mascara. So I thought I would film this quick tutorial for you all! I always use the same technique no matter what kind of mascara I am using, you can get...
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Orange pic
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4 Kitchen Hacks in 1 Minute We know time is tight, so this week Jared decided to share with you 4 kitchen hacks in 1 minute. From keeping the cutting board from slipping to cutting your grapes in half the easy way, I think you'll agree he's pretty handy in the kitchen...
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