Can you spot the difference?

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Dinner Time Fun Idea

Dinner Time Fun Idea

Items needed: Just your family and Dinner!



Play the ‘What’s Different Game’

Kids are very observant and are even nice enough to point out when they find a grey hair,

but test their skills with this game and  just see who notices the difference first…parent or kid!

1.  Have each member of the family close their eyes while one person changes something on them or around them.

2.  The rest of the family then opens their eyes and has to guess what is different.

We did this at dinner and I put sunglasses on, my husband pulled his arm out of his shirt,

but the funniest was when my 5 year old took Daddy’s roll!

It took a while to guess that one, but it sure made us laugh hard.

What was your funniest change?

Did you find the thing that is different in the pictures above?

(It’s the chicken nugget)

Dinner Time Fun Idea

    1. November 20th, 2009 at 11:06 am
      Amber Lee says:
      are you kidding? this is the best idea ever! i'm totally trying this the next time we're at a restaurant waiting for food and trying to keep the kids from wiggling out of their chairs.
    2. March 22nd, 2010 at 6:25 pm
      Natalie Kay says:
      Sounds like this will be on our family night agenda tonight! I think I might do this when I go to visit my family in a couple weeks.... i have younger sisters who would LOVE this. Thanks for the great idea!
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