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21 Recipes for those Delicious Fresh Strawberries I love this time of year - it's almost time for spring and these delicious fresh strawberries will soon be cropping up! It's the perfect time to have a birthday, eh? I always request a strawberry shortcake cake smothered with strawberries. I might have to shake things up a bit after looking at...
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07.20.15 Twisted Updo
indeahair copy
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Twisted Updo Hi guys! Welcome back! This weeks tutorial is on this beautiful twisted updo. This hairstyle is GORGEOUS on those of you lucky enough to have naturally curly hair! But don't worry, naturally curly hair isn't a requirement for this hairstyle. If you have naturally wavy or straight hair this style can still be achieved the same...
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Take a Hike and Lose Yourself--and some calories (featured)
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My husband has always been big into the outdoors. By the outdoors, I don't mean he likes to spend a couple of hours at a barbecue in the hills; his idea of the "outdoors" is hiking out in the wilderness. I like visiting wilderness areas as well, but I draw the line at overnight backpacking trips. Staying overnight often means tents, freeze dried...
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strawberry sesame smoothie featured image
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The weather is warming up and strawberries are starting to show their shiny red faces in the markets again! I love this time of year with all of the fresh produce showing back up in the garden and at the market. Lately, we can't get enough of all the strawberries! While a good, juicy batch of strawberries is easy enough to just gobble up on...
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diy cheap custom barn lights (featured)
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Lighting makes a space and it always seems to be the budget breaker as well. In decorating my son's room I had my heart set on some beautiful, kelly green barn lights from an online store. They were also ridiculously overpriced at $340 a piece. I was determined to get the look for less. Here's how I did it. I found some outdoor lights at Lowes for...
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  I recently purchased a pacifier clip online for my little bun in the oven and realized that I could totally make them instead of buying them and save a ton of cash. Once you see how easy these are to make, you will want to make several for your own babe and some to stash back for baby shower gifts. Best of all, this tutorial is for ANY...
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halfupbraid featured
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  Half up Braid Tutorial Hi there! I have my cute sister in law with me for todays tutorial! I think this is such a pretty hairstyle for those girls who love to be a little girly but not look like they put a ton of effort into the look. I hope that you all enjoy the tutorial, thank you guys so much for the support and for checking out...
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coca cola (3)
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The following is a sponsored post, but opinions are my own. I love my Diet Coke! As a wife and mother, I find myself sharing constantly. My food. My bed. My time. My space. What used to be only "Andrea's" has quickly become "the whole family's". I'm okay with that. Being a mother is the happiest role I have taken on and I'm grateful to...
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Did you know some of the BEST clothing sales run in the month of July? Stores clear out a lot of styles in order to prepare for the Back to School/Fall rush. Every time, at this year, I stock up on my kids' clothes for the next year. These prices are ridiculous - even online! Brand new stuff at consignment prices, and cute to boot! Here are...
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50 ways to wear a scarf You are not going to believe how many pictures are in this post. Actually, you probably are ... cause the title told you. But still. This is probably breaking some kind of How Does She world record or something ... cause those exist. Anyway. Here they are. All 50 of them. Mostly embarrassing, but maybe helpful. The...
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