Lemon Meringue Cookies (featured)
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  Yes. I'm back with another cookie recipe. I think I might have a cookie addiction - a real problem! I just can't get enough! In my defense, though, my last recipe was a fresh salsa, so there's that. So, here's the story. While visiting my parents in British Columbia this summer, my mom bought some amazing lemon cookies with white...
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Thrive (featured)
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I'm a deal kind of girl so I'm always keeping my eye on the Thrive specials.  This month I was beyond excited to see peanut flour as August's monthly Q-Pon.  (I know, only one week left but we all procrastinate anyway, right?)  I feel like $15.09 for a giant can of this goodness (with 90 servings!) is already a pretty great deal but for the...
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cheesy bread
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  How Does She Make The-Perfect-Side-Dish-Cheesy-Bread? Ever notice how the perfect side dish can take your meal from good to AMAZING? This Cheesy Bread is one of THOSE side dishes. We've included video so you can see for yourself just how easy it is to make (and enjoy) this perfect-side-dish-cheesy-bread!   How Does She...
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08.19.15 DIY USA Wall Art
DIY USA wall art (featured)
by  |  posted under Crafting, Decorating, Do It Yourself, Patriotic Holidays
I may have an obsession with maps and globes. It's my hope that it creates curiosity and a sense of exploration with my children. This wooden DIY USA wall art is my new favorite wall decor and it was easy. I'm not just saying that...really. In fact, I had a friend do this project with me. A friend who had never picked up power tools before and...
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six ways to add more YES to your life (featured)
by  |  posted under Inspiration, Parenting
Are You Positive? Six Ways to Add More Yes to Your Life We could all benefit from a little more YES in our lives and a little less NO. A little more “everything will work out” and a ton less “all is lost.” There are so many ways we don’t even realize we’re filling our lives with negativity and it all starts with the way we talk to...
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gymhair featured
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  Gym Hairstyle Tutorial Hi there! So today I wanted to put up a tutorial that I think is awesome for hot summer days and happens to be my go to hairstyle for the gym. I sweat like crazy so keeping my hair out of my face and off my neck is a must while at the gym. This hairstyle for me personally takes me less than five minutes to...
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thank you teacher circle
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Easy Teacher Gift Using Free HowDoesShe Printables I don't know about you, but I'm the kind of mom who LOVES to spoil the kids' teachers, but don't have a lot of money or time to do anything huge. That's why I'm loving these adorable Thank You Teacher Printables that are free to print from our HowDoesShe Freebies area. I mean seriously, how...
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Changing Pad Cover Tutorial (featured)
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  Making your own changing pad cover is easier than you think. Sometimes you just need a cheerleader saying, you can do it! Let me be your cheerleader and teach you how to do a super easy and quick changing pad cover. You will need: 1 1/2 yards fabric 1/4" elastic changing pad Let's get this party started! We will start...
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My oldest child just started first grade. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little overwhelmed by the idea of making school lunches each day. I'm not the mom who sends intense animal themed meals nor am I the the one sending him a Coke and a Butterfinger. I consider myself a "middle of the road" mom. I like to know my kiddo has healthy options and...
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blinds (12)
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    This is a sponsored post. However all of my opinions related to the product are my own. I consider myself a fairly healthy person, but unfortunately, my life has been plagued with migraine headaches. I realize that it could be a lot worse, but it’s still something I deal with.  I get the debilitating kind of migraine headaches where...
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