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You may think you’re confident and mature. You’ve put all the crazy, awkward, cliquishness of middle school behind you. That’s what I thought too. But I’ve been spending time at the middle school recently and I’m convinced that most adults have more in common with middle school girls than they’re willing to admit. I know I do. 1....
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I love big statements in decoration and design, and DIY marquee letters give you a lot of punch for little money. There are two ways to make a marquee; buy an oversized paper mache letter at your local craft store or cut a letter out of wood. There are pros and cons to both materials, although the method is the same for both. Paper...
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How Does He New Video Series
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  We're super excited to welcome our newest video series HowDoes HE? led by our very own Jared Prince (Alison's hubby)!  He's got some great tips to use around the house that I'm sure everyone will find useful! This first one is all about how to keep that slippery rug from slipping.  It's brilliant! Stay tuned next week and be sure to...
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  Hello Beauties! Today’s tutorial has been VERY highly requested on how I curl my hair!! I hope this tutorial answers all of your questions and please don't hesitate to request more looks that you would enjoy seeing!! I am using the Bellami 5-in-1 curling wand set with the largest wand attachment but you guys can use any wand or one...
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I've been in the mood to organize lately and this past weekend I took my mood out on my linen closet, or more specifically, my girl's linen closet. We needed a little hamper for towels but I didn't have any room to put a normal pop-up style hamper because of the shelving we installed.  I jokingly told my husband that I have a good mind to hang...
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My kids love candy. And it seems as though every holiday, party and even minor event they are bombarded with even more candy.  So it came as quite a surprise when our daughter approached us asking to make a candy deal. Her friend's parents were offering a big prize if she could go without candy for several months, and our daughter wanted the...
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This is a sponsored post. However all of my opinions related to the product are my own.  --- Before you run to your closest Target to buy one of these amazing puppies, you should know that it was recently invented, and it JUST became fully funded for production on MONDAY this week! Whoohooo! Congratulations to the momtrepreneur that created...
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 Good-bye 2014. Hello 2015! Do you make and keep your New Year resolutions?  I asked a handful of my friends this exact question and they all said that they have good intentions, but they quit their resolutions after the first or second month. Life gets so busy and working out, eating better, and saving money gets lost in all the...
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Thrive January square
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  Is one of your New Year's resolutions to eat healthier? Well, Thrive is making it easy with their January specials! Save this month on some of the most popular healthy THRIVE items you can use to make...
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I always find myself wanting to start projects this time of year. The cold winter months seem to drag unless I keep myself busy! It is also a great time of year to get organized and start the year on the right foot. I love to be prepared for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, etc. At the beginning of the year I always try to collect and...
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