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I won't hesitate to buy my 4 year old twins new outfits for just about every occasion. It's ridiculous really. A zoo field trip? Gotta get a new animal shirt! A national holiday? uhoh. Color inspired pants! Now, however, if we are discussing my wardrobe? I can't TELL you the last time I bought myself a dress. What is this phenomenon? Maybe they...
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graduation-printables featured
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  It's hard to believe but it's that time of year again. Time to celebrate the graduates. And we at HowDoesShe want to make your graduation celebrations extra special this year. How about some free printables from our own Heather with Chickabug?! We love Heather and the fabulous designs she creates to make special days just a little more...
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Beautiful 3D braid tutorial - www.howdoesshe.com #3Dbraid
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3d braid hair tutorial   Hi there! When I posted a picture on IG of me wearing this 3d braid hair I got a ton a requests for a tutorial!  So here is a step by step tutorial and how to create this beautiful braid that has quickly become one of my favorites! I hope that you guys like it and enjoy recreating it! Please tag me on IG...
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 Crocs have always been a hit in our family. They're easy to get on. Easy to wash off. We wear them to the park, the zoo, in the garden etc. etc. BUT did you know that Crocs AREN'T just your ordinary CROCS anymore? They've branched out into hundreds of different styles and I can't get enough. The same comfortable, easy shoe in everything from...
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IMG_6869 copy
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I love snacks. Like, I snack 24/7. Do you like snacks? I've been trying to really focus on healthy snacking. Good bye Doritos and handfuls of chocolate chips......We try to stick to fruits and veggies and other healthier choices. Sometimes, however, we need quick things to stick in my purse when we're on the go. I wish I were more prepared with...
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Summer Slim-Down Challenge - Week 3 Four minute core burn
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Summer Slim-Down Challenge - 4 Minute Core Burn How have you been doing with our Summer Slim-Down Challenge? Did you catch week 1 and week 2? Are they fantastic and DO-able things to implement into our busy lives? I just love that. Chyna is back with week 3 of our summer slim-down challenge, and this week she is showing us a 4-minute core...
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Water Bottle Lantern I never knew how easy it is to make a water bottle lantern! Ever stuck in the dark? Maybe the power goes off unexpectedly? This useful hack will light up the whole room! The kids are going to love this one! Thanks Jared for the great and simple way to make a water bottle lantern!   Want some more great tips?...
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Birthday Bucket Tradition (4 of 8) featured
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Who doesn't love to celebrate their birthday? Or in my husband's case his "birthday week". Years ago, wanting to make birthdays fun and exciting without breaking the bank, we started the "Birthday Bucket" tradition or "party in a bucket" as our friends have referred to it as. It's a bucket that contains all the things you need to decorate for...
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Hold It! 2 Quick and Easy DIYs for Summer's Favorite Accessories featured
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  There are 2 things a girl's gotta have during the summer months - chapstick and sun glasses. I can leave everything else behind but those are my two must have items. And this year I wanted to make my 2 favorite things a little more accessible and safe. These 2 holders can be created in less than 5 minutes so you'll be on your way to...
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Secret Weight loss Weapon: Protein Recipes Chyna is back with some delicious protein recipes to help us with our Summer Slimdown Challenge! Hi Everyone! Just wanted to check in and see how your Summer Slim-Down Challenge is going! Who tried out Week 1's stability ball challenge? Sometimes it's hard to create a new habit. As they say...
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