Beat Summer Boredom

It’s August, but summer isn’t over, yet! Wait – let me see a show of hands….How many of you have your children back in school already? Where do I sign up for that? My kids don’t start back until Sept. 4th, and as much as I love the kids to death (holy cow, I love them!) I am looking forward with a small amount of glee to when school begins! After the novelty of no school and warm weather wears off, how do you entertain the kids without flicking on the television set? IShare to the rescue! I found dozens of easy, creative, fun ideas to beat that summer boredom that really work on the I Share websites! These are totally do-able, too – even for the less-than-crafty :) Here are 7 ideas that I am loving right now:

1.  Go Strawberry Picking

Berry picking printable

Have you ever gone to a berry farm with your kids? It is almost like a magical wonderland, and being able to watch your children picking the berries with such care – it is such a great bonding experience! After picking some delicious berries – package them up with this cute printable from Sweet Pop Studio and deliver some to a friend or neighbor for a summer activity full of heart :)

2. Visit The Local Library

Summer Reading Log Printables

Summer reading is the number one cure for that awful summer-mush-mind that tends to occur over the summer break. Why not plan a trip to the local library or bookstore and leave with some great books to read with the kids. These adorable printable Summer Reading Logs from Rebecca Cooper will also help get them excited about cracking open that book!

3. Make Some Paper Bead Jewelry

paper Bead Tutorial

If you are a paper crafter, or have access to a craft or scrapbooking store, then you will have what you need to create a unique summer craft with your kids! Paper beads are a great way to use up scraps of paper, or even old magazine pages, and create something beautiful with them! And you won’t believe how easy these really are to make. Trust me :)

4. Play Paper Plate Frisbee!

Paper Plate Frisbee

Boys or girls, young or old, your children will find this craft/activity super fun and fulfilling! Making frisbees out of paper plates is the perfect idea for those moments,while camping or just sitting at home, when your kids start to whine “Moooom, I’m bored! There is nothing to do!” They will have fun decorating their own frisbee with their favorite drawings or stickers, then spend hours playing with them…outside! Thanks, Amanda, for submitting this fab idea :)

5. Build Them Up!

Cardboard Stackers

Little hands need to keep busy, so Mamma can get a little work done around the house! But finding activities for those little fingers to do doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! If you’ve got some pieces of cardboard and some poster paint, then you have the makings of a grand boredom-buster. Make some of these cardboard stackables and your kiddos will be busy for hours – and that means more time for you to clean, organize, or (my favorite) delve into a good book!

6. Change Them Around! Interchangeable Blocks

interchangeable  blocks

A little imagination and a bit of wood can go a long, long way in keeping your kids busy! “Meaningful Mama” shares how to create these adorable, interchangeable blocks with images of your children! How fun to mix and match their bodies and clothes, and to stack them in a variety of ways. You could also print out images of their favorite cartoon characters and make a set! Brilliant, I tell ya.

7. Appeal To Their Sweet Tooth

tulip cookie how-to

This is a great idea for young and old, and if your kiddos have a sweet tooth? Even better! “Sugar Kissed” shares step-by-step tutorials on how to make and decorate gorgeous flower cookies to bring a bit of summer indoors.

The great thing about activities like these is, most can be done year-round! I Share is full of amazing ideas and tutorials, submitted by readers like YOU! Whenever I am in a jam and I need a brilliant idea, I check Ishare and I am never disappointed. Visit the three amazing IShare websites to get more amazing summer ideas, and to submit your OWN fabulous tutorials or ideas as well!

IShare Crafts

IShare Printables

IShare Fun Food

Happy Sharing!

Beat Summer Boredom

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