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Christmas Countdown (featured)
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There are only 4 weeks left until Christmas...FOUR!!!  Anybody else freaking out here?  I'd love to get all Pinterest-y cute with my kids, but let's face it---sometimes real life happens. Sometimes the dirty clothes are mounting faster than a freeway pileup.  Sometimes helping the kids with their homework feels like filing taxes the old...
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Dollar Store Decorations Featured
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If you enjoy holiday crafting and decorating, try your hand at some of these creative DIY dollar store Christmas decorations that look like they came from a home decor store.   21 Dollar Store Christmas Decorations That Look Expensive 1. Berry wreath 2. Burlap candy canes 3. Dollar store book wreath 4. Beaded garland...
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thanksgiving madlib featured image
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You're hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year and as guests start to arrive, you do a mental rundown: turkey's in the oven (check), rolls are golden brown (check), the table setting is Pinterest worthy (check). But the gravy still needs to be made and the pies baked.  There's whipped cream to "whip up," and the baby is still in his pajamas!  How...
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Edible Christmas Crafts Featured
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I volunteer every month in my son's Kindergarten class to do a cooking project with the kids and just had to share these awesome ideas!  The little ones in your life will love these 18 fun edible Christmas crafts for kids.  Happy Holidays! 18 Fun Edible Christmas Crafts for Kids     1. Easy Popcorn Santa 2. Aromatic...
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This morning marked our very first snowfall and no matter how young or how old you are, there's something magical about it.  Snowflakes are one of the wonders of nature...how beautiful, intricate, and unique they are.  Here are 18 DIY snowflake ideas to create a gorgeous winter wonderland in your home this winter! 18 DIY Snowflake Ideas To...
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What a Six-Year-Old Taught Me about Honesty (featured)
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  Where adults dwell more in the gray areas, children see honesty as black and white. But as my children become older, I realize how closely they are watching my every move.  When I sneak a sample from the bulk candy bins, it doesn't matter that I want to try it before I buy it...to them, it is stealing.  What is gray area for me is black...
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Organize toys featured
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  Before gearing up for a lovely holiday season, including the arrival of many new toys from Santa's industrious elves, I'm looking at the bazillion toys that my kids already have that are scattered all over our house.  How in the world do I organize them all?  If you also suffer from toy-flamation...here are some really cheap and...
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Halloween candy featured
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The big day is almost here, and before you your kids gorge yourself on an overload of Halloween candy...set some aside to use in more creative ways!  Here are 21 creative ways to use all that Halloween candy to save yourself your kids the calories and the cavities. 21 Creative Ways to Use All That Halloween Candy   1. Cool science...
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Thanksgiving table featured
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If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, these lovely table ideas are to die for.  If you're not hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, these lovely table ideas are to die for...so put them in your back pocket for next year!  Or better yet, do your hostess a solid and volunteer to set the table for her. 18 Lovely Thanksgiving Table...
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  11 HOT Upcyled Fashion Finds  I am continually looking for new ways to use old things, making them fresh, fab, and exciting.  Add a little something unique to your style with these hot ideas that you may not have thought of before! Click the side arrows below to see all 11...
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