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  In high school, I had what can only be described as an epiphany.             One day, while walking to Spanish class, an older girl approached me in the hall.  She sneered, scrutinized me from head to toe, and then laughed as if she’d just heard a hilarious joke.  Except it was just the two of us in the hall.  I felt...
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Easter is coming and if you're tired of the same old colored eggs, here are 50 fabulous ideas to take those eggs from "meh" to eggcellent! From our HowDoesShe Creative Pros 1. Easter Egg caterpillars and Easter Egg matching game 2. Who knew you could mail plastic Easter Eggs? 3. Be cool and grow your own Easter grass! 4.  Too much candy?...
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Growing up without Pinterest, fashion blogs, and YouTube tutorial videos, I never learned how to correctly apply my own makeup.  It was trial and error...well, mostly error.  One glimpse at my high school senior yearbook picture, and you'd exclaim, "Whoa girl!  Have you ever heard of blending?"  And now, as a grown woman, there are still so...
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  {2004} Ten years ago, I left my small Idaho town to enter the much larger fish bowl of university life.  I was starting fresh, in a new state, with nothing but big dreams in my pocket.  My $6 an hour dream job at the movie theatre gave me free popcorn, soda, and movies.  How could life possibly get better?  My most frustrating...
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Rooaarr! A good song can take you from supine on the couch to jumping up and shakin' your thang the second you hear that upbeat tempo. Music has the power to motivate, inspire, and even elevate your mood.  While watching the recent winter Olympic games, I couldn't help but notice nearly every athlete wearing a pair of inconspicuous ear...
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Whether you're a newbie to this whole parenting thing, or a seasoned veteran, we all want to have a close relationship with our children, young or old.  Strengthening relationships and communication with our children can boil down to one thing: spending time with them. 10,000 hours? In the book Outliers (an amazing read, by the way, that...
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This sponsored post by Special K aims at shutting down fat talk and promoting positivity when it comes to weight management success! __ A new year is here and so is the time for self-evaluation, bright new aspirations, and shiny new resolutions. Two weeks ago, I took a vow here to shut down any derogatory jabs at body image, aka "fat talk."...
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I'd like to think I am a good person.  I donate canned food when possible and I always put money into the Salvation Army bucket when I hear that bell echoing through the frigid cold.   But it wasn't until a few days ago that I realized I had my priorities all wrong. It was Black Friday and I was frantically in pursuit of the hottest...
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This sponsored post by Special K, brings to light the very important topic of 'fat talk'.  Let's Zap it! --- A few days ago, I was chatting with a friend and it wasn't until after our casual conversation, that I realized something was wrong.  Something she said so nonchalantly kept tapping on my brain like a tiny anvil. "My daughter is such a...
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When the weather turns cold, I turn to comfort food to warm my belly and my soul.  My absolute gotta-have, swoon every time, last-meal-if-I-were-on-death-row, would be my family's homemade chicken noodle soup.  Swoon. This is a perfect meal to take to someone has had a baby, undergone surgery, experienced a loss, or just needs a little...
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