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  Not gonna lie...last month was a hard month.  Hard as a thousand root canals.  Harder than my first legit job as a rotten potato sorter in sub-zero weather inhaling dirt and putrid potato smells. But first, let me back up. In mid-November we brought home a new baby boy.  We spent the holidays loving on him, and even though we had...
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chalkboard featured Collage
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  Chalkboards are such a fun way to decorate, plus you can infuse a little inspiration in everyone who reads them.  Here are some great quotes that would be perfect to display in your home.  1. 2....
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Pops featured Collage
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  Everything is more fun to eat on a stick.  Check out these creative foods that are so cute served pop style!   1. Caprese pops 2. Bacon and goat cheese pops 3. Pizza pops 4. Pancake pops 5. Jalepeno popper pops 6. French toast pops 7. Corn dog pops 8. Marshmallow pops 9. Taco pops 10. Cherry pie...
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Freeze Foods featured
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  I hate running to the store for for fresh ginger, or throwing away an entire container of half & half because the recipe only called for one cup and the rest went bad.  Here are 25 "Why didn't I think of that before?!" foods you can actually freeze to save you in a pinch for later. 1. Buttermilk and Half & Half Most...
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food hacks featured Collage
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  Everyday I learn something new in the kitchen, and I'm always looking for the simplest methods to do things.  These brilliant hacks had me saying, "Ah-ha!  Why didn't I think of that?"  I am especially dying to try out the mason jar blender trick! 1. Always have fresh ginger on hand Put fresh, peeled ginger in the freezer, then...
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Battle 4 copy
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  If the above picture makes you laugh, it does me too.  But it didn't at the time, in fact, about 30 minutes before that picture was taken, there was a huge battle being waged about what NOT to wear in public.  You can see who won that battle. The thing I love about parenting, and writing about parenting, is that I'm always learning...
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Pony tail featured Collage
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  I'm about as creative as a rock when it comes to doing my little girls' hair.  I've got the plain old pony tail down perfectly, but what's the fun in that?  If like me, you need a little visual inspiration when it comes to pony tail ideas, here are a few of my favorites! 1. Criss-Cross applesause 2. Inverted piggies 3. Seeing...
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Kids Cooking Featured Collage
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  Whenever I pull out the mixing bowl, my kids come running over to "help."  Kids will absolutely love these fun, creative, and edible projects that are perfect for the classroom or home! 1. Painted toast 2.  Domino cookies 3. Waffle pizzas 4. Rainbow noodles 5. Fizzy sherbet 6. Homemade tootsie rolls 7. Bookish...
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diets 2 featured
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  People will go to all lengths to lose weight...even crazy ones.  When you're considering a diet this year, take heed to steer far, far away from these odd ones! 1. The Tapeworm Diet Introduced in the early 1900s, dieters started swallowing tapeworms (usually in the form of a beef tapeworm cyst pill) in hopes that the parasite...
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Valentine featured Collage
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  For kids, Valentine's Day is a BIG deal!  The classroom parties, the goodies, and of course, picking out the perfect Valentine.  We've compiled our favorite Valentines with special creative flare that beat out boxed Valentines any day! 1. The Cutest Bag Toppers (FREE printable!)  2. A"Maze" ing Valentine 3. "Crayon" Out...
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