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Looking for a dessert that is the perfect 10?  It's delicious and perfect for any occasion--- impressive parties, potlucks, or Monday night Bachelor guilty pleasures.  Oh, and it only uses FOUR ingredients.  A child could literally throw it together in 10 minutes. This dessert has been a family favorite for many, many years.  This year, I...
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triscut featured image
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   Summer is in full swing and lush, juicy berries are at their prime!  This yummy dip is creamy, refreshing, and the perfect blend of sweet and tart.  Plus, this recipe is my favorite kind: EASY, easy, easy!  You can make it in under five minutes.  I love entertaining and I'm always looking for the perfect appetizer for guests to...
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Happy birthday
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At HowDoesShe, we love to party.  And throwing great parties is kind of our forte.  Did I say great?  I meant amazing, BIG, stunning, over-the-top, parties you'll never forget. When it comes to party planning, if you've got a dream, but could use a little vision, let these amazing parties be your guide.  For your convenience, we've put all...
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Sports Day Dinners featured image
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Many of you out there have entered the crazy world of the sports mom.  When you're not running kids to practices, your sitting on the sidelines, cheering them on, being their #1 fan. But you also know that as sports seasons heat up, regular healthy dinners dwindle.  That's why we've garnered the best advice from sports moms out there who...
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nicolette regrets and yoga pants featured image
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I always wanted to be a mom, just not necessarily a stay-at-home mom.  My education and career were too important for me to just throw away.  Upon graduating with a B.S. in English, I figured I'd become a teacher, have a few children (whom would fare just fine in daycare) and be a model PTA mother and career woman. My entire life changed...
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Camp Food Featured
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Camping is such a fun part of summer that brings families together.  Growing up, thanks to my foodie relatives, we ate like kings.  Delicious dutch oven chicken, potatoes, and scones, bounteous breakfasts of eggs, bacon, and pancakes--you'd never know you were "roughing it." Camp food doesn't need to mean hot dogs and hobo dinners.  With a...
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happy about this featured image
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In preparing for a 10 hour drive to the Oregon coast, with three kids, I recalled how my friend Christine recently made a 13 hour drive from Boise, ID to Los Angeles, CA in 13 hours and 27 minutes!  I had to know her secrets.  She imparted all her road trip wisdom to me, and in turn, I'm sharing it here.  I also quizzed our awesome Facebook...
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nicolette flip flop featured image
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Summer is upon us and it is officially time for flip flops! I just love the nautical trend in clothing and accessories, and I couldn't help but grab a few pairs of flip flops from my local dollar store (read why we love the dollar store HERE) with this simple nautical makeover in mind. Chances are, your local dollar store has a nice display of...
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    Mother's Day will be here in a jiffy and if you're looking for the perfect gift, one that says you care enough to put a little time, effort, and a lotta love into, then these gift ideas will be right up your alley. Here are 50+ Mother's Day gift ideas you can make, bake, and say I Love You with! Box of Love   7...
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citrus lane circle thumb
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I adore getting packages.  And I love surprises.  Citrus Lane is the absolute best of both worlds! As parents, we're all on a continual quest for what's best for our kids.  Citrus Lane  sends you a surprise box of the absolute best products for your children, including skin care, toys, learning activities, and more. If you haven't...
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