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Perfect for Valentine's Day Our LOVE experts (remember this post) are back to share some insight into DATING! You know those couples that OOZE love?  Not the cheesy get a room ones, the ones you want to be around because they are always happy and  full of energy.   That is Chris and Ali.  Added bonus: pretty much everything that comes out...
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hds piano photo basic boost and hazy featured image
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We get a lot of comments on our photos - and we know why! We have some fabulous photographers writing for us, but what really gives our photos their "wow" factor is the magic that happens when our manager, Bobbi, gets those photos into Photoshop. After years of using Photoshop to edit the photos for HowDoesShe, Bobbi has developed a system for...
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11 ways to be a #nowmom e-book
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We are so excited about this book! Our site was founded on our tag line: better mothers. better wives. better women. howdoesshe.com Better mothers is the theme of our new e-book... It is only $12.99! With your purchase you also get 3 Free gifts! (see bottom of post) For most moms, life can be defined as before kids, and after kids....
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drops of awesome featured image
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I had one of those light bulb moments that you never forget when I was introduced to the concept behind Kathryn Thompson's, Drops of Awesome. If you haven't read this post yet, click over HERE now and read it. I'll wait for you. What did you think? Amazing right? You can see why this post went absolutely VIRAL! I could go on and on about how...
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Join in our #nowmom Challenge! Here is a list of what we have done so far...check back daily for the next thing to do. You can also find these updating on our Instagram and Facebook...there are prizes involved so get over there and join in on the fun! :) All this fun is leading up to the release of our newest ebook: Becoming a #nowmom. We are...
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freebie spooky banner printable thumb
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If you don't know by now let me tell you a little secret... I LOVE photos. I love to take them and I love to display them.  I especially love displaying photos of my kids...I know, what mom doesn't? That is why you are going to LOVE this next set of exclusive printables created by chickabug. And just in time for Halloween! I have been...
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I dread making lunches for my kids' lunch boxes. Dinners I can do, but for some reason lunch is hard for me. If it is not a sandwich - I'm out. And what about all those veggies and fruit I would love for my kids to be eating? A lot of time I get overwhelmed and just give in to school lunch. But this year I want to change. I want to send my kids...
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I made the switch last year away from chemical (bad ones) sunscreens but it left me with very few options to choose from... so we were sporting the white skin look all summer with our zinc oxide sunscreen. Luckily, some companies are now wising up and have some great products out that are mineral based and non-whitening! These all scored low...
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  This has been one of our most popular posts so I thought you might be interested in the 15% off sale going on, here until July 24th. Anything on the site is 15% off using code: HowDoesShe I have their 72 hour kits and love them. They have all the basics covered.When you get them you can add to it to make it more personal for...
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pantry can organizer thumb
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Do you remember my pantry re-organization when I opened up a whole closet worth of space? I still LOVE my organized panty, but notice at the bottom left corner...see all the cans? This system of stacking with cardboard worked pretty good, but I found a product that made can organization WAY better! I love it when you find products that solve...
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