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by  |  posted under Crafting, Decorating, Do It Yourself, Easter/Spring
  Every year I say I'm going to do a better job at decorating for spring time. It seems like every year I get too busy and decorating gets pushed to my mental low priority list. Well, not this year because I'm using my noodle.....literally! Yes, I busted out a box of bow tie pasta and spaghetti noodles and created a little bit of...
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tooth-fairy-pillow-20 featured image
by  |  posted under Do It Yourself, Fun With Kids, Sewing, Tooth Fairy, Uncategorized
Ok, guys! I need to tell a little back story so you can see where the idea of the tooth fairy pillow came from. My little girl is 5 and she's full blast 24/7. She's loud, stomps around the house, can't play hide and seek because she's too loud - get the picture? She is a LOUD child....until bedtime. Then she turns into a silent ninja. She can...
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snack bagfeatured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Do It Yourself, Sewing
In my never-ending quest to slowly, but surely, convert our family to non-processed organic foods, I quickly realized a problem. And it's a big one since I have small children. I never thought about this until I started packing our own healthy snacks to take with us to play dates, preschool, and sporting events, but it's a big deal (at least in...
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kerri earring holder featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Do It Yourself, Organizing
If you're a girlie girl like me, you probably have a ton of earrings. My current system of digging through a box that contained all my earrings, entwined together just wasn't cutting it anymore. Plus, I found myself not wearing earrings nearly as much because I couldn't see what I owned and my ears went naked for months! I decided to change...
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kerri countdown links featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Fun With Kids, Holiday, Sewing, Traditions
  As a child I used to LOVE counting down and my favorite thing to do was make countdown links. I drove my mom crazy with these long chains draped across the house but like any good mom, she didn't complain about it. I wanted to pass the tradition down to my girls but wanted a cuter way to countdown...maybe something that wouldn't be...
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TREESKIRT-23 featured image
by  |  posted under Christmas, Crafting, Decorating, Do It Yourself, Sewing
  Last year my tree was in much need of a makeover. I chose a color scheme of golds, bronze, and cream and bought all new tree decor - ornaments, ribbons, toppers...the works.  The one thing I didn't buy last year was a tree skirt. Yep, my tree was naked last year. I was possibly the only one who noticed (or cared) but STILL I wasn't...
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drawerorganizer featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Decorating, Do It Yourself, Organization, Sewing
Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that looks like this? I actually have two. Two drawers of gizmos and gadgets of plenty.  I'm a pretty organized person, especially in the kitchen, however this is just a hot mess. So with the holidays coming up and knowing guests will be in my kitchen helping prepare a meal, I decided my drawers were...
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kerri tent tutorial featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Decorating, Do It Yourself, Fun With Kids
Raise your hand if you have been drooling over those precious vintage-style tent photos floating around Pinterest lately? You can't see me but I have my hand up and I'm shouting MEEEEEE!!! I'm so glad that  tribal/vintage/rustic style is in right now because it's so me (and apparently it's so everyone else too - hehe.) I decided to take...
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storytelling chipsfeaturedimage
by  |  posted under Crafting, Do It Yourself, Family Time, Fun With Kids, Gift Giving, Parenting
If your kids are anything like mine, they are always asking you to tell them a story. I've gotten pretty good at coming up with them over the past few years but I'll admit, I'm in need of some new material. There are only so many stories I can tell about a princess. Not to mention that usually my story ends up getting interrupted because my...
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kerri handle cover featured image
by  |  posted under Baby Gifts, Crafting, Do It Yourself, Gift Giving, Sewing
Confession - when my girls were babies I was strictly in survival mode. No crafty/creative thoughts crossed my mind, only thoughts of how to get more sleep and how to strategically plan a shower once a day. Oh, how I wish this idea would have entered my brain in those break your back, think your arm is going to fall off, infant carrier days. My...
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