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Awwww... my favorite! Layering season is in full bloom! And if one article of clothing is underestimated and under-appreciated in my opinion, it's SOCKS! I always hear how versatile scarfs are (which they are 100%!!), and how they can change an outfit depending on how you wear them. Plus there are  endless styles of scarfs available. Socks...
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Being a homegrown Idaho gal, I'm no stranger to "winterizing" my car, my wardrobe.. okay.. pretty much my whole life for MOST of the year during those harsh, dry, cold months that are approaching us.  My skin is something I haven't really thought of winterizing, but with how dry and harsh the late fall/winter season is, skin takes a brutal...
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"I just can't pull it off." If you are guilty of saying those 6 words, I am here to throw your cute self over my shoulder and take you to the toilet for the biggest swirly you ever dreamed of! :) Who is to say that you "can't" pull anything off? You are the only one who calls the shots. It's your world, rock what you WANT to rock. It's one...
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I'm such a hypocrite! Wait, wait, wait... don't give up on me just yet! I say I'm a hypocrite because my motto has always been "MORE IS MORE". I'm gonna go ahead and eat my own motto for lunch, just for the sake of this article, and go with the crowd on the more popular motto of "LESS IS MORE".  I'm a nut job when it comes to accessories. IN...
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Ways to Whiten Your Pearlies! (Teeth) That moment when you are talking to someone and all of the sudden their voice strangely sounds like it’s fading into a tunnel-like echo because all you can focus on is their teeth that appear to be the shade of an overcooked cob of corn.  Let's talk about ways to whiten your pearlies!...
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