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04.04.14 Family Painting
emily family painting featured image
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Finding inexpensive indoor family activities can sometimes be difficult, and often leads to the same old "movie and popcorn night". While we enjoy a movie and popcorn as much as the next family, I am always looking for something else. When I saw this brilliant idea from my sister, I knew I had to try it out. She bought a large piece of...
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emily straw sunburst frame featured image
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Sunburst frames and mirrors are popping up all over home decor lately. It gives a bit of a mid century, classic feel with a touch of modern thrown in. Recently, I saw one made from thin metal pipes, but it was heavy and rather pricey. After some study and consideration, I decided I could make my own using the humble drinking straw, and this is...
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emily felt art featured image
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I love Valentine's Day. Of course I think love is great and should be celebrated, but the decorations are what really get me. Hearts, kisses, pink, red- it's wonderful in any combination. I wanted to add a cute and classy decoration to my collection, and this year I decided to do something I could re-vamp or redo for another holiday. I'm a big...
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emily new years resolution white board featured image
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Well it's that time again, and everyone is determined and enthusiastic about their New Year's resolution. However, February rolls around, and then March, and by April you're thinking "What was that New Year's resolution I made?" This is something I have faced again and again.  For most of us, we're just trying to get through the day, and looking...
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It's holiday time friends, and that means all our favorite foods are lurking around every corner. Eggnog, chocolate, pies, cakes, and all those delicious treats lay waiting in the grocery store, at parties, and even delivered to your door by sweet neighbors. So, how are you supposed to say no to such tempting holiday fare? Well, you're not- sort...
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emily kid friendly thanksgiving treats featured image
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As soon as September rolls around, I get out my fall decor. I love all the orange, yellow, gold, and the richness of fall colors. After Halloween, I'm sort of burnt out sometimes, but a week or two goes by and I'm ready for some fun Thanksgiving crafting. Because Thanksgiving is a holiday that usually involves a large meal with many people,...
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emily bandana bib featured image
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Roughly six months ago, a delightful baby boy came into my life. The occasional spit up soiled his clean layette sets, but a quick wipe and we were good. Then four moths rolled around, and the drool began. I'm not talking about your slobbery-kiss baby, I'm talking about the soaked shirt, pouring from the mouth, pretty much water-type drool ALL THE...
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09.06.13 Spa Towel DIY
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It's been a hot summer here in the northwest. The days have been blistering hot, and although it's mostly dry heat, I sometimes feel like I'm going to melt into a puddle on the sidewalk. Something that always gets me in the summer is getting ready for the day. I love a really hot shower, but in the hot months I try and change to a more tepid...
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Being a new mom can be a rough road. You've got countless new things on your plate that you didn't have before. You're tired, you're constantly battling your emotions, and to top it off, your body... well... it's not what it used to be. Waking up early to go to the gym isn't always the most appealing option, nor is dropping your little one off at...
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07.09.13 DIY Terrarium
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Confession: I am a serial plant killer. Flowers, ferns, vegetables, and even succulents die under my care. Over-watering, under-watering, too much sun, not enough sun - I just can't get it right! A few weeks ago, when my latest Jade plant died after a year and a half of suffering, I started to look for my next victim. A friend suggested...
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