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Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is on its way!  To make your holiday more enjoyable and delectable, I have put together four easy recipes that will hopefully make your Turkey Day and the next day’s leftovers more inspiring and enticing. The first is a sweet, savory twist on the classic Thanksgiving stuffing. This one made from scratch is...
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Enjoy this post from our archives - perfect as autumn sneaks up on us! This week, Mother Nature decided it was time she brought snow for the Holidays, and right now is the perfect time to enjoy a lovely bowl of soup; to be more specific, the ubiquitous French Onion soup. I have, however, decided to give it a...
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My children and I were visiting the local farmer’s market this past week and spied juicy raspberries wrapped in quaint aquamarine looking for tiny, grubby hands to happily eat them.  We ate most of them on the way home, but saved a few to make these dainty hand pies for a picnic the next day. The dough I created for these pies is based on a...
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  Summer needs to be fun and easy.  The meals and treats we make for our families ought to follow suit. So, today I’ve shared four summer recipes that all branch from one mother recipe.  If you memorize the base formula as a place to start, adjust for the sweetness of fruits you choose, only your imagination...
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Well this is it darlings, our last episode of the salad dressing series.  I decided to focus this {part three} on fruit based salad dressings. These are lovely with a few notes of heat and savory to balance the sweet overtones of the dressings; care should be given to what ingredients you decide to add to the salad.  Remember, the goal...
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  A vinaigrette has evolved in its use over the years to become an essential flavor booster to not only dress salads (their best friends), but to be included in the marinade clique, the sporty sauce group and the snobby fruit juice cheerleaders of freshness. A Vinaigrette Primer A great vinaigrette is rooted in flavor balance...
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    It was 5:00 pm., my children and I were comatose starving, slightly lightheaded-bordering on cranky. We needed to eat something before all …well, you know, broke loose!  “Dinner, yes.  Dinner tonight.  What-am-I-making-for-dinner?"   I say as I open my fridge.  “Right, I bought lettuce the other day for a salad....
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  The only thing worse than finding a pair of filthy, fermented sports socks under my boys’ beds is cleaning out my oven. Truly. At times it seems I would rather scrub my face with those foul socks than get down on my knees and approach the square abyss to scrap off (with a butter knife ,mind you) my misfired casserole. Or worse,...
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    Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes with Pomegranates and Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce With autumn in full swing, I have decided to dedicate this month’s recipe to the humble, sometimes overlooked genus group called Cucurbita pepo or in other words, the pumpkin, the gourd, the squash. They are incredibly healthy, quintessentially...
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  School mayhem has begun at my home, but in spite of the craziness I wanted to create a blissful, (possibly unattainable), domestic memory for my children as they walked in the door;  the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Chewy , gooey, gleefulness (real word?), with a solid milk mustache to boot.  I was in the middle of...
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