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I think Springtime is one of the happiest times of the year. I almost consider it a "new year" because the earth is beginning to awaken and relive again!  {Plus it's birthday season for me, another great time to make new resolutions!} ;) To celebrate all the happiness that comes with Spring, we've gathered our favorite projects, treats,...
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Today's Riddle: What's beautiful, refreshing, neutral, celebrated, healthy, supporting, exciting, and the theme of the week? Here's a clue... ...alright I'll tell you...it's the color GREEN! How can it be all of those things, you ask? Well, it's magical! ;) You see...one of my favorite classes as an interior design student was Color...
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HDS sewing 400
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These adorable projects might make me attempt sewing once again. Anything more than a straight line and I pass it off. But THESE...for goodness sake, look totally doable! Plus little kiddie clothes are the cutest, right?   DIY SEWING PROJECTS TO MAKE FOR THE KIDS Click on the images below to get the full tutorial: DIY Baby Bandanna...
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Over 36 Neighbor Gift Ideas...and Counting! Stuck on what to give as Neighbor Gifts this year? Look no further...we have listed some of our very favorite gifts we've given and received. Surely you're bound to find at least one or two or ten new ideas to give to your loved ones! :) {and counting meaning....PLEASE SHARE your favorite neighbor...
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First off, let me say that these are some of the richest, most delicious Oreo truffles ever. My roommates and I would make these in college for our girl's night. We could eat them all back then, between the 6 of us...surprised none of us packed on the "freshman-fifteen" after nights like those. Phew! Anyway, they are super rich, super...
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DIY Spa Day_200
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A new school year has begun...which means a new schedule...which mean adjustments and at times, chaos. After a long day (or even a long morning) I like to have a little "me" time. I've found that even if I take 5 minutes to paint my nails, or doing a moisturizing, coconut oil treatment on my hair, it leaves me feeling  rejuvenated and more...
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I love being organized. BUT let's be honest, the motivation to do it is sometimes hard to come by. Thankfully a new year encourages us to try a little harder to be a little better. I've also found that if it's easy, fun, and looks cute...it's easier to keep things where they are supposed to be! So, I've rounded up some of our favorites from...
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 Can I just brag for a minute... We have some of the cutest party DIY ideas here at HowDoesShe. :) I have used many of these ideas for birthday parties, holidays, wedding receptions, and even just as home decor! I mean...just look at how awesome they are, especially because they are inexpensive and easy to make! I especially love the ruffled...
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Happy Monday! I'm excited to share with you one of my very, favorite treats! (Favorite because it's super easy, delicious, and there's hardly any clean up!) ;) I don't know if I even need to write instructions, you can probably get it all from the photos! (But, I'll add some captions just in case!) Rolo Pretzel Turtles "I like Turtles"...
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There is no reason to spend money on a big vacation when there are so many fun and free things right where you are! Here are just a few (100+) ideas to get you started! ;) In The House Video Performance Treasure Hunt: Living Room Sleepover Make a Fort out of Blankets Movie Night in Pajamas Have a Craft Night (Nature Journals, Family...
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