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Quick and Easy Valentine Crepe Bar (featured)
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Happy Valentines Day Have you noticed that Valentines Day makes people super happy or super annoyed?   I like it enough that I do little crafts for my daughters on Valentines Day. I always do a simple crepe bar that they absolutely love.  My girls could eat crepes everyday if I allowed them to.  They are really so quick and easy and most of...
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10 post-holiday survival ideas on a budget (featured)
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How many of you are sad that the holidays are over? I know a lot of you are ready for the holidays to be over and get your life back to normal but it's hard for a lot of people to say good bye to the most wonderful time of the year and all the good cheer.  My family doesn't live near me so I love winter break when we can spend time with them...
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Cheese-Fromage-Kase--Easy Holiday Cheese Platters (featured)
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Do you love cheese as much as I do?? I lived in Germany for a year as an exchange student and one of my favorite things about the holidays was all the Christmas markets in the town squares.  You could buy delicious chocolate, marzipan, breads, trinkets, and cheese.  The breakfast table in Germany is always covered in cheese, rolls, and...
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backyard discovery (featured)
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*This is a sponsored post for Oceanview Wooden Swing Set from Leisure Time Products™.  All opinions are my own. Basically, this swingset rocks. --- Does anyone else feel like our children are eating more junk food, playing computer and video games too much, and spending less time outdoors? Winter's chill only makes matters worse. Even...
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gratitude bootcamp (featured)
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Gratitude: The quality of being thankful;readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. When was the last time you told someone you appreciate them or you are grateful for them? I try and tell someone every single day I appreciate them.  Even to complete strangers.  In fact, I do it so often that I have noticed that my daughters...
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Award Winning Chili That Even A Kid Could Make (featured)
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Award winning chili - that even a child can make! When ever I start to cook or bake my children run into the kitchen and take over.  Sometimes I love it; like when I am not in a hurry, and sometimes it is a little annoying--like when it is 7 pm and dinner hasn't been served.  I remember cooking and learning from my mother.  She would cook...
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just peachy - learn to can peaches (Featured)
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 As a child I remember canning everything with my mother and grandmother.  Tomatoes, pears, peaches, salsa, apples and so much more.  It is such a special memory for me that I decided it was time to start this tradition with my own children.  The problem was I have never canned without my mom and I had no clue what I was even doing.  I read...
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Take a Hike and Lose Yourself--and some calories (featured)
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My husband has always been big into the outdoors. By the outdoors, I don't mean he likes to spend a couple of hours at a barbecue in the hills; his idea of the "outdoors" is hiking out in the wilderness. I like visiting wilderness areas as well, but I draw the line at overnight backpacking trips. Staying overnight often means tents, freeze dried...
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pantry make-over featured
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    Do you know someone in your life that does everything for everyone else? I do....my sweet and amazing mother. She will come and visit me and my family and cook, clean and even sew my girls clothes.  I like to call her a machine.  She has children living all over and she helps them pack and move, babysit her grand kids and...
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Ideas for packing a healthy picnic featured
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It seems like just yesterday that I would help my mother pack a lunch for a picnic to the park or a day trip in the beautiful Idaho mountains. Life seemed so simple back then. None of the children had food allergies and everything was pretty much grown from our own garden. Bread was homemade and there was maybe a loaf of somewhat healthy banana...
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