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cream of asparagus soup-featured image
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I love this time of year! Not only is the sunshine and warm weather such a welcome sight after a cold winter, but Spring time in the kitchen is just so much fun. It's exciting to have fresh produce available in the garden and farmer's markets again. There are so many fresh, healthy, delicious Spring recipes to start cooking. First up on our...
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lemon blueberry bars featured image
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  These Amazing Lemon Blueberry Bars come to you from my third trimester pregnancy cravings for all things Lemon! With only six or seven weeks left until my newest little one makes his great appearance, I am fully embracing all of my pregnancy cravings. If ever there was a time to indulge a little, this is it! Luckily, most of my cravings...
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blueberry banana power muffins-featured image
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It's that time of year when the days are short, but without much sun to cheer things up, they can feel pretty long. You know what I mean? These Blueberry Oatmeal Power Muffins are a perfect pick-me-up kind of recipe. Muffins are one of my favorite things to make in the kitchen, especially on a dreary winter day. They are so quick, so easy,...
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winter citrus spinach salad 1 featured image
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While I didn't make specific food related goals for the New Year, I do plan to continue trying to eat healthy, whole foods as much as possible. However, after all the holiday sweets I allowed myself to indulge in last month, I am returning to my healthy meal routine with a renewed vigor! This lightly sweet and crunchy Winter Citrus Salad...
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It has been so cold here in my little corner of the world. The weather forecasters keep predicting big snow storms, but the most we've seen is a few skiffs of snow and a lot of grey skies. We do have the light and cheer of the holiday season to add a little warmth this time of year, but when those cold winter winds start blowing . . ....
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Gravy is one of the simplest dishes on the Thanksgiving menu, however it is also one of the most important. It's the gravy that adds so much of the flavor to all of the Thanksgiving dishes, so it is worth finding a perfect gravy recipe for the holiday table. This Cider Gravy is bursting with flavor and can even be made ahead of time so you...
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apple scones featured image
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As the weather cools down this time of year, I find myself drawn to the kitchen. There is something so cozy about a warm oven and the smell of baked goods in the air. For me, Autumn and baking go hand in hand. First on my Autumn baking list are these delicious Whole Wheat Cinnamon Apple Scones. This time of year, it is so easy to find crisp...
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raspberry lemon muffins featured image
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 With school lunches to pack, quick breakfasts to make, and easy afterschool snacks to set out everyday, I am turning to my favorite cooking standby: muffins! Not only is it easy to put a batch of muffins in the oven in less than 15 minutes, but they also freeze well and are a great make-ahead snack. These particular Raspberry Lemon Muffins...
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allison freezer tacos featured image
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We are still hanging out by the pool and sipping lemonade, but it's not total relaxation around here anymore. Instead of planning our next camping trip, I'm realizing that school days are just around the corner. Can the end of summer really be here already? To help myself ease into the harried school days ahead of us, I'm prepping some...
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