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“I could have NEVER imagined the huge response we got from HowDoesShe when they hosted our preschool curriculum giveaway. I knew the response would be big, but it was even beyond what I had hoped!  It was so easy to get the giveaway listed, and the gals at HowDoesShe are so friendly. I’m going on my third giveaway now with these ladies and you can bet there will be many more to come! Thank you SO MUCH for this awesome opportunity, HowDoesShe!”

“I had so many orders I needed to close my shop to catch up.”
—Kyla, Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

“Let me tell you, rocks! HowDoesShe promoted my company, Canvas People, in such a way that not only did they drive a tremendous amount of sales but their ideas and presentation of the offer made us rework our marketing tactics. They go above and beyond for us and really know how to present an offer to their members. HowDoesShe is a must have on any media buy.”
—Dave, Canvas People

“Love HowDoesShe and all the traffic it has brought Garnish!”
—Suzanne, Garnish

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