1-4 easy things to do with your Presidents…

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President's Day Activities

I was trying to think of something fun to do with my kids for Presidents’ day. I found some activities where you race each other and name all the presidents, but really… I have a hard time remembering the names of my kids!  So with this one I let my kids decide what they wanted to do with their ‘Presidents’.  They came up with 8 things to do with coins that have the presidents on them, so sorry kids the Chuck E. Cheese tokens are out.

4 Ideas will be posted today and the other 4 on Monday…Why???  I don’t know…Missy said so!

They were easy and don’t require a lot of prep time {{my kinda activities}}.

1.  Lasso Lincoln

This game got me laughing…

1.  Freeze a penny into an ice cube (we just put a little water in the bottom of a cup and threw in a penny)

2.  Make a slip knot in a piece of string

3.  Try to lasso the ice cube.  I put other ice cubes in to keep Lincoln from thawing too fast.President's Day Activities

4.  Keep trying…you can do it…{{well maybe not}}

President's Day Activities

5.  Here’s a hint:  Add some salt…put the string on top of the ice cube and throw some salt on.  Wait for a minute.

President's Day Activities

6.  Pull ‘Linc’ on out!

2.  Gorgeous George

President's Day Activities Have a contest on who can make George Gorgeous!

3.  Toppling Truman

President's Day Activities

Look at her concentration…she managed to get it pretty tall before it spilled over!

4.  Floating Franklin

President's Day ActivitiesHow many pennies does it take to sink a boat?  What about quarters?  Dimes??

Can I tell you that they played this forever so I managed to get dinner started {{{YES!}}}

Find out 5-8 here!

Happy Presidents Day!!!

President's Day Activities

    1. February 14th, 2010 at 8:59 pm
      Amber says:
      Can't believe you got them all done! I'm totally going to do the Lasso one. You rock ALISON!!!
    2. August 8th, 2011 at 12:36 pm
      Deanna says:
      Have you done the crayon rubbing using coins to make mt rushmore?
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    5-8 things to do with your Presidents
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