7 Steps to WOO your Boo

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creative ways to say I Love You

Happy February, HowDoesShe Gals!

I know…it’s FEBRUARY already! How did that happen?

This time of year is special for MY man for a couple of reasons – the obvious one is, it’s Valentine’s Day! AND it’s also his birthday…TODAY! So, in the spirit of showering love on my love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABE! I’m still so in love with you. MWAH!

Okay, enough eye candy for now, ladies…calm down…..he’s mine, remember? 😉 I know YOUR guy is a hottie, too, and deserves some serious spoiling this Love Day! We are going to HOOK YOU UP, girlfriend. Your man will be romanced like he’s NEVER been romanced before. I know at least one of these ideas (or ALL if you’re looking for some real lovin’) will give you that ‘spark’ of creativity to really pamper your Valentine this year!

Step 1: Valentine Decor

creative ways to say I Love YouFirst impressions are everything, am I right? So, pick up the dirty underwear off the floor (I’ll pretend I didn’t see that), fluff those throw pillows, and put up some decor that screams “Ooooh, baby, baby…I’m YOURS!” Or something to that effect. If you’re expecting visitors, you might want to be a little more subtle. This post gives you 13 different decor ideas to get your home ready for LOVE day!

Step 2: Valentine Cards For Your Guy

creative ways to say I Love YouYou want your guy to know you’ve been thinking about him, so a little something handmade is just the ticket. It says “I care enough to spend time MAKING this…or getting my friend to make it…. either way, YOU ROCK MY EVER-LOVIN’ WORLD!” There are so many unique card ideas out there for your man, and Missy shares more than a few of them. Nice!

Step 3: Magazine of Your Man

creative ways to say I Love YouIf you want your man to swoon (and who doesn’t!) you’ll be interested in making them into a cover model! Tara from the “Dating Divas” shows us how to create your own magazine cover of your man. Everyone needs a boost to the morale, right? This is a fun way to do it!

Step 4: Chocolate says “I Love You”

creative ways to say I Love YouSay it with me, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!” We all know this is true, and let’s face it – if you’re making a treat for HIM, you’ll be getting some too. So, MAKE IT CHOCOLATE! This recipe for German Chocolate Drizzle Cake  from our fabulous Shelley. Mouth watering, yet?

Step 5: Slumber Party For Two!

creative ways to say I Love YouGrab your sleeping bags, pop some corn, and slap in a sappy movie for a romantic sleepover party for TWO! There is no reason romance has to break the bank. I’ll bet your man will think the idea of saving money is HOT! You’ll want to click on this post from Shelley to see who inspired her!

Step 6: (I’ll leave this step to your imagination)

Step 7: French Toast With ‘Heart’!

creative ways to say I Love You
AFTER sleeping in LATE, you can keep the romancin’ going with some delicious french toast with icing sugar hearts. Sweet and SWEET! Your man (and your mouth) will thank you for this one. Thanks for sharing this post, Shelley!

Once you have swept your sweetheart of his feet, you’ll want to continue wooing him all year long! It’s so important to keep your relationship fresh and fun. For even more GREAT tips on wooing your ‘boo’, check out this fabulous post from Missy, who introduces us to one amazing couple who knows how to keep the spark HOT!

Keep the Spark HOT!

creative ways to say I Love You

Here’s to a happy Valentine’s Day, and EVERY day with someone you love!

creative ways to say I Love You

    1. February 1st, 2011 at 7:23 am
      Alison says:
      What a fun post Bobbi! I really want to spoil my honey this year and I think these ideas gave me a great idea:)
    2. February 1st, 2011 at 9:20 am
      Shelley says:
      This post makes me smile :) That's it. I'm kicking in gear!
    3. February 3rd, 2011 at 7:41 pm
      Christina says:
      Thanks for this! We are always terrible about V-Day, but I think this might be the year to celebrate!
    4. January 24th, 2014 at 9:09 am
      Kristen says:
      Fun! But do you have any ideas for men that really aren't into all the "girly" romance stuff? I'm pretty sure that all of the cute things y'all mentioned (that I would love) would totally turn off my very "guy's guy" husband :D
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