HowDoesShe Celebrate Spring? 7 Ideas!

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HowDoesShe Celebrate Spring 7 Ideas

Spring is here! It’s one of my four favorite seasons!

A new season means NEW recipes, home decor, crafts, and fashion ideas to try! One thing we LOVE sharing on HowDoesShe is our ideas on making every season SPECIAL in our own way.

7 Ideas to Help Celebrate Spring!

Let’s start with the most IMPORTANT thing….


(Mwa ha ha)

Missy’s mom, Pam, shows us why Sam-I-Am changed HIS mind about Ham 😉 You will not want to make your Easter ham without reading this first!

7-ideas-to-celebrate-springDon’t Make Your Ham Until You Read This!

After eating that mouth-watering ham, you’ll want something equally scrumptious to serve for dessert. Shelley has me drooling over these amazing looking chocolate mousse eggs. You will not BELIEVE how she made these. Read on, my good friends….read on!

7-ideas-to-celebrate-springChocolate Mousse Easter Egg

If you are looking for a sweet treat to give out to friends and neighbors…or to hoard-in-your-room-while-your-kids-are-sleeping save for later, you will love these adorable Easter Oreo Cookie Suckers. Shelley shows us just how simple these are to make. I might even attempt them myself (or pay my friend to make them for me…tee hee hee).

7-ideas-to-celebrate-springEaster Oreo Cookie Suckers

Your little gal will want to be dressed to the nines this Easter, and Alison’s adorable ribbon tulips would be the perfect accessory for those gorgeous Easter dresses! Use them as a pin, dress up their shoes, or wear as a hair accessory! Oh, and imagine the different color possibilities! I am going to make some to make all four of my daughters’ dresses!

7-ideas-to-celebrate-springRibbon Tulips

Shelley has the boys covered! These sweet little guy ties will go over BIG at any Easter function. Don’t let those frilly Easter dressed outshine YOUR little man!

7-ideas-to-celebrate-springLittle Guy Easter Tie


Now that the weather is warming up, your kids will want to be spending more time outdoors. And, let’s face it, WE want them outside, too! Alison has a solution that will have the kids creating inside, and (more importantly) OUTSIDE! This is CLEVER, ladies, CAH-LEV-ER!


MAKE Your Own Sidewalk Chalk


Alison also has the solution for AFTER the kids play outside and they are tempted to tromp through the house with those wet and muddy boots. Can you believe she MADE this adorable wooden drop mat from wood scraps? This you have got to see!

Wood Plank Door matWood Plank Door Mat

This should start to answer the question:”HowDoesShe” celebrate Spring?! But, this is only the beginning. You will want to stay tuned because a little birdie told me that there are some super cute Easter and Spring ideas on their way in the coming days! I love this season!

And just a little piece of Easter trivia, so get your thinking caps on…. WHEN did the Easter Bunny make his appearance in America?

Answer: The Easter Bunny came to America with the Germans in the 1700s.

So, that is how WE do Spring. How do YOU do Spring? We’d love to have you share your Easter and Spring ideas. Comment and share! Happy Spring!

HowDoesShe Celebrate Spring 7 Ideas

    1. April 6th, 2011 at 5:17 pm
      Chacoy says:
      love the drop mat, i want one now!!
    2. April 6th, 2011 at 9:24 pm
      makayla says:
      vary creative
    3. April 11th, 2011 at 4:18 pm
      {americangypsyliving} says:
      love this project! (luckily i have a handy dad with all those electric tools) and i love this blog, too! found you through decor hacks. can't wait to dig around on this site a bit more. xoxojess
    4. April 19th, 2011 at 12:09 am
      CK says:
      Thank you for the wooden mat tutorial!
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