5 Quality Time Ideas For the Holidays

HowDoesShe has been buzzing with fabulous ideas all month long – ideas that are PERFECT for spending some quality time together this holiday season! Everything from crafts, to baking, to games, we have been sharing our favorite ways to get together and have some fun! In case you missed out on some of these amazing posts, here is a little recap:

1. Holiday Crockpot Hot Chocolate

Crockpot Hot Chocolate Recipe

When the little noses and cheeks are pink from playing in the snow, it’s time to break out every mother’s secret weapon: crockpot hot chocolate! Nicolette shares a recipe with us that will warm you up from head to toe! And her secret ingredient puts this hot chocolate over the top! INCREDIBLE!!

2. Ribbon Balloon Fun!

how to make a ribbon balloon

Christmas ribbon is on sale right now everywhere you turn. So, grab a basket-full and get crafting to create some ribbon balloons! If you use those Christmas colors (oh, those reds, greens, silvers, and golds!) you can deck your halls in style while creating some fantastic memories with the kids.

3. Eat Some Cranberries!

Cranberry recipes

‘Tis the season to get your hands on some of these fresh, tart, beautiful little berries and do some creating! Don’t be intimidated by these precious little berries. Stephanie shares some recipes that you can make together, and they are much easier than you’d think! Time to get cranberry happy!

4. Umbrella into Parachute!

old umbrella into parachute

Did the wind turn your umbrella inside-out? We live in a windy city and this has destroyed more umbrellas than I can count! Don’t throw away that broken umbrella! Instead, follow Heather’s easy how-to and recycle it into a game that you ALL can enjoy together! Brilliant!

5. Chic Paper Rosette Backdrop

Paper Rosette tutorial

Take some time to dress up that bare wall that has been staring at you for months. Whether you will be celebrating a birthday, or you just have a sweetheart’s room to decorate, Alysha’s tutorial will help you transform simple scrapbook paper into these glorious paper rosettes. This is handy to know!

Don’t miss all of the fun we have coming up in the next few weeks! We have giveaways, recipes, projects, and more to share! See you again, soon!

5 Quality Time Ideas For the Holidays

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