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08.26.11 Newspaper Nails
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How many of you ladies out there are just loving Pinterest? Me, Me! Oh ME! I am constantly finding adorable ideas and delicious recipes. As I was searching for some fashion inspiration, I came across this brilliant nail tutorial. I couldn't resist giving it a try, and it just so happens.. It looks adorable! Supplies: nail file base coat &...
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Whether your child is just starting the school year, has been back in school for a while already (um, can I move to where YOU live?), or falls somewhere in between....printables make school life SO much easier. Where were we before Printables came into being? Oh, perish the thought! Okay, so Ishare Printables has been ROCKIN' the free...
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Alright. I'm gonna share the secret on how I refinished this adorable chandelier that keeps popping up in the background of my pictures. Pay attention... its really REALLY easy :) {shhh, don't tell}. As I dreamed about having a nice little nursery for my babies, I couldn't help but imagine a bright little chandelier hanging from the ceiling. I...
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So there I was, riding my moped through the Vietnamese countryside, watching women in conical hats work the patties as we cruised towards the beautiful white sands of the coast... Okay, no worries.  You don't have to hate me. The real story is that I was perusing the Sunday paper and stumbled upon a curious recipe for a sandwich I'd never...
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We all know that this is the craziest time of year! As soon as school starts, the next thing we know... BAM...it's Halloween... then, BAM...it's Thanksgiving... then, BAM...it's Christmas! Thankfully there's a great place to gather and store all your ideas for these next few months, and we've already begun! Join us on Pinterest to see what we've...
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08.20.11 Kids Travel Pack
by  |  posted under Family Time, Sewing
I have got something SUPER fun to share with you today! Let me introduce the KIDS TRAVEL PACK!!! Why do I 'sound' (use your imagination) so excited? Because this WORKS! Yep. Child-tested, child-approved! Well, at least in the age 4-11 range (my test group was limited to my four daughters). This little pack holds a whole LOT of fun in a small...
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Missy was on TV promoting the 50+ Recipes cookbook and she rocked it!  Here is the link to go watch the good stuff! http://www.kivitv.com/multimedia/videos/?bctid=1116577265001 I have not seen the book in real life, but after I saw it on TV I realized it is even better that I thought!  It is beautiful. Recipe Book Update: NO LONGER...
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Don't be grossed out! We can only go up from here right? Read on. We love to garden, but I'm always wondering how my veggies can be bigger, juicier and more of them?  This year I've taken matters into my own hands. How? I made my own composting worm farm.....obviously! Maybe not so obvious. But it's awesome and exciting! I know, I'm easily...
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Lucky for me, this Summer, I live near Lake Michigan. My life has been forever changed. My little family literally goes to the beach every. single. weekend.  We can NOT get enough. In one word, a family day at the beach: JOY.  Have you been playing in the water/sun this year?! It's not too late!So, what does that have to do with fondant?...
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Update: This is no longer available as of 9/14/11. Together we raised $20,000.00 and donated it to the American Red Cross...THANK YOU!!! It's here! It's here! After literally MONTHS of creating, the "50+ Top Blogs All Time Favorite Recipes" cookbook is HERE!!!  You may have seen a sneak peek of this gorgeous recipe book this past month. We...
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