16+ DIY Gifts For Grads!

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 diy gifts for the grad


May is nearly over and it’s time for those loved ones in our lives to don their graduation caps and gowns and to celebrate closing one chapter in their lives!

We all know someone who is graduating is some form…whether it’s from high school or University, or from diapers! I have a little gal graduating from preschool and it’s a really big deal! At least, I’ll MAKE it a big deal :)  It also means that they are most likely moving on to a NEW chapter in their lives. THAT is the really exciting part, right? Moving out, moving up, moving on! What to get for the grad in your life to celebrate this momentous occasion? IShare to the rescue!! The IShare sites are overflowing with fundiy gifts for grads, regardless of their interests, age, gender, or personality. I have gathered just a few ideas to get those wheels turning~

Often graduating means the big step of becoming an adult! It’s an entirely new level of independence and maturity. Why not show your confidence in them by gifting them something useful for the next step in his/her life? Soap Deli has many ideas, including these homemade (and green) cleaning supplies! Spend a little extra time to create some cute and unique labels to really personalize this gift!

DIY Gifts for Grad

 diy gifts for the gradDIY Cleaners – make a perfect diy gift for grads

If homemade is what you like, then also try making your own lip balm to gift the grad in your life. Personalize it with her favorite scent and a cute label. This is great if you have a few grads you’d like to give a little something to. Inexpensive and SO cool.

 diy gifts for the gradMake Your Own Lip Balm

Born Again Creations shares how to customize a cookie/cake tin for that grad who might be moving out on his own. Personalize it with photos of your family or the grad’s favorite rock band! Oh, you have to fill it with his favorite treats, too, let’s not forget :)

 diy gifts for the gradDecoupage Cake Tin

Sassy Sarah’s Fun has the right idea with this personalized clock. This is such a cute reminder to your grad of how much you love her and are thinking of her. You could personalize it to say absolutely anything that might be meaningful as a commemorative gift for your special grad. A perfect diy gift for your grad.

 diy gifts for the gradI Love You Clock

Bookmarks are useful, inexpensive, and fun gifts to give grads of ANY age! I know my girls will each be getting one to celebrate their graduation from each grade they are in this year. Even better that it encourages them to READ over the summer break 😉

There are a lot of different bookmark ideas on IShare Crafts, but here are a few that caught my eye.

Mormish Mom’s ruffled fabric bookmarks are so precious, and easy to make!

 diy gifts for the gradRuffle Bookmark

Soap Deli made quick work of this bookmark with a paperclip and a small scrap of ribbon!

 diy gifts for the gradBlack Collar Bookmark

For that hardcore reader, A Sprinkle of This shows how to make a heavy-duty bookmark that will NOT fall out or loose your place.

 diy gifts for the gradStay Put Bookmark

Along with bookmarks, NOTEBOOKS or journals are always a hit as a graduation gift. If you can personalize the notebooks…even better!

AdelynSTONE gives us step-by-step instructions on how to create these cute (and stitched) notebooks. Bundle a few together for the perfect grad gift!

 diy gifts for the gradDIY Journals

A classic gift for graduates is a picture frame. I love the idea of giving them something to help them remember their journey. Stick a photo from their school year (or whatever their milestone was) into a customized frame for a very meaningful gift.

Monograms are huge right now and “A Little Tipsy” shows how to make this gorgeous monogrammed frame with a secret ingredient!

 diy gifts for the gradMonogram Frame

Make your frame into wall art like “Happy Clippings” did with some wood scraps and pieces of patterned paper!

 diy gifts for the gradPatchwork Wood Frame

If you want to get really personal, check out Alison’s amazing “Friend” board! I want to get one of these! So perfect for helping your graduate know how much they are loved.

 diy gifts for the gradFriend Board

Is your grad a techie? Madigan made walks us through how to make a gorgeous iPod case from a repurposed photo album. I made one…..LOVE IT!

 diy gifts for the gradiPod Case

 Or, go with an iPod/Cell phone cozy like this one from “Pickup Some Creativity”. Fits your iPhone, HTC camera phone, iPod, and many other phones. Keep that phone safe AND easy to find.

 diy gifts for the gradPhone/iPod Cozy

What graduation would be complete without a PARTAY?!?!  “Did Someone Say Party?” submitted an amazing post complete with ideas GALORE for a grad party to rule all grad parties. Here is just a little “taste” of what you’ll find:

 diy gifts for the grad

Candy Graduation Caps and More!

How about some invites? BNute productions has us covered!

 diy gifts for the gradRetro Grad Printables

Or party favors?

Beth Proudfoot created these:

 diy gifts for the gradGraduation Party Favors

I hope these ideas have sparked some creativity! Here are another 40  graduation gift ideas. You can give your grad a gift that is meaningful, useful, fun, and JUST for them! Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas to the IShare Sites:

IShare Crafts

IShare Printables

IShare Fun Food

A few tips for getting YOUR idea up on IShare:

1. Only submit your own stuff. We love that you want to SHARE, but share your own creations :) We won’t post 3rd party submissions. Sorry ladies!

2. Do not submit etsy listings or other items for sale. We are a site for sharing FREE tutorials, printables, recipes, and ideas. Keep on creating and selling, but do that on the sites that are meant for it.

3. Take GREAT pictures! Make sure that your photos are NOT too dark, too grainy, too small, or too overwhelmed by the background. We want your idea to SHINE and for your photo to do it justice. This is for your own benefit. We want as many readers to be attracted to your submission as possible! A great photo will attract readers like a bee to honey :)

4. Be patient. We get so many FABULOUS submissions that it takes a while to get each submission up on the site. Why don’t we just put all of them up at once? Well, we really want each and every submission to have it’s moment to SHINE on the site! We don’t want your idea to be buried by dozens of new posts every day. Make sense?

I think that’s it, that’s all! Happy Sharing!!

diy gifts for grads

    1. May 1st, 2012 at 5:00 pm
      Jocelyn says:
      Bobbi, I have tried going to the graduation party favors and retro printables, and I am getting a 404 error. Are they no longer good? I know that it has almost been a year... But I have a high school senior graduating in June... Thanks.
      • May 1st, 2012 at 7:03 pm
        Bobbi says:
        Hi Jocelyn!

        The IShare website has been having some technical issues today. So sorry about that! Here is link directly to the website that submitted the printables to IShare. Hope this helps!

    2. June 1st, 2012 at 8:12 am
      Rebecca says:
      If you are looking for a unique Graduation Gift try www.gratefulchics.com. This Houston based company founded by two "Mompretreneurs" feature gifts that are centered around Gratitude. It's a great way to help new graduates focus on the good in their life during this time of exciting transition. Grateful Chics have lots of inspirational gift items for him or her and even a NEW Graduation Gift pack set for only $18 each.
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