12 Ways To Make Picky Kids Eat!

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12 Ways To Make Picky Kids Eat

Who has some picky kids? Can I see some hands? I’m raising mine. I always swore I would NEVER have picky children, and I enforce the “take it or leave it” policy at our house. After all, I don’t run a restaurant..I run a household. And still…I get the “Is this what we’re having?” or “um…how many bites do I have to take?” comments. I must give my kids credit, though. They do try everything once before deciding whether or not they like it, but I just wish they could all like the same things at the same time! I have been searching for ways to get my kids excited about eating healthy food, and the first stop I made was to Ishare Fun Food. There are SO MANY ideas for putting a bit of “fun” into our meals with not a lot of effort. I’m sure that these ideas will get even MY picky eaters to open wide!

Let’s start with breakfast, shall we? It IS the most important meal of the day!

1. Pancake Shapes

pancake shapesIf you thought pancakes only come in circles, Shelley shows that the ‘sky’ is the limit! Check out her simple tutorial (full of useful tips) on how to make your pancakes into some fun shapes!

2. Smoothie Popsicle

smoothie popsWhat kids (and adults!) would say ‘no’ to a popsicle for breakfast? Find out what makes this popsicle extraordinary and PERFECT for breakfast. You won’t BELIEVE what is in this thing!

3. Apple Flowers


Little Food Junction shows how to use fruit to dress up some muffins! This is a great way to get that fruit in their diet!

Let’s move on to lunch! Let’s think outside the lunch ‘box’, okay?

4.Burger Brothers

funny burgerCutefoodforkids has submitted a BUNCH of brilliant food ideas on IShare Fun Food. You could stuff a veggie burger in there and your kids wouldn’t care. They would be far too entertained by the adorable faces on them!

5. Heart Shaped Tomato Salad

heart salad

Or how about a salad for lunch? Hungry Happenings shows us how to turn ordinary grape tomatoes into some sweet little hearts.

6. Fun Kids lunch

fun lunchA whole new world of lunch time fun opens up when you add some clear wrapping and then some fun stickers, like this lunch submitted by CuteFoodForKids! Who knew, right?

7.Babybel Kids

cheese heads

If your child doesn’t get enough dairy, these adorable Babybel kids from CuteFoodForKids will have them saying “Cheese!!!” You’ll have to visit Ishare Fun Food to check out the little girl versions :)

SUPPER TIME! For me, this is the meal where the picky monster rears it’s ugly head. It’s the meal I struggle with the most…preparing food they will eat and I will like!

8.Sloppy Joe Car

sloppy joe carMaking Memories With Your Kids certainly has the right idea here. I think my kids would eat ANYTHING if it were served in a bread car! Actually, *I* would eat anything if it were served that way!

9. St. Patrick’s Day Pizza


Kristen at Make The Best Of Everything has a brilliant way to get some greens into your picky eaters with this fun St. Patrick’s Day pizza! Click over to find out how she did it!

10. Chicken Parmesan Hearts

Chicken Parmesan HeartsDo you see a pattern? Cutting food into different shapes makes EVERYTHING more fun to eat! Hungry Happenings shows us how to transform a chicken parmesan dinner into a meal even the pickiest eaters would ‘LOVE’ to sink their teeth into!

Finally, desserts are easy for kids to eat, but trying to get some nutrients in there takes a little stealth and planning :)

11. Vegan Sundae

12 Ways To Make Picky Kids Eat

Foodie and The Chef had me drooling over this waistline-friendly vegan dessert. You’ll love what this sundae is made with!

12. Caramel Apples

Caramel Apple

Nicole shows us a fabulous (and surprisingly simple) recipe for caramel apples. Yeah, it’s coated in sugar, but the kids are getting some fruit in there, too. That makes it healthy, right? :)

Yes, we all deal with some small kind of pickiness at the dinner table. I used to think my kids had to eat everything put in front of them, and LIKE IT, too. But, I realized that I’m not crazy about every single kind of food out there, and my kids shouldn’t have to like everything. However, they  need to be willing to try new things and making food FUN is a great way to get some new and healthy foods into their diet.

How do you get your picky kids (or spouse!) to eat what you serve? If you have some fun food ideas, we would LOVE to see them submitted on IShare Fun Food! There are a lot of fabulous ideas submitted every day, so keep checking in. We love when you share on IShare!

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12 Ways To Make Picky Kids Eat

    1. March 15th, 2011 at 2:52 pm
      stacy says:
      really cute ideas! thanks!
    2. March 17th, 2011 at 6:32 am
      Selin says:
      Creative and cute ideAs but I'm thinking won't the kids expect creative ideas each time.
    3. March 28th, 2011 at 2:39 pm
      Tina @ MOMS CRAZY COOKING says:
      Love your ideas...come link up to THIS WEEK'S CRAVINGS; the theme this week is "SURPRISE INGREDIENT" (What can you hide in your recipe). Please come on over and link up....

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