12 Fun Ways to say “Thank You”!

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12 fun ways to say thank you

There are so many reasons to be grateful and to express “thanks” in our lives. Saying “thank you” not only lifts and blesses others, it also puts positive, happy thoughts in our own heads and makes for an even MORE blessed life! Taking a moment to thank those who have blessed our lives in some way is never a moment wasted, promise! Here are 12 ideas of fun and creative ways to say “thank you”!

1. Color Them Happy!

Thank You CrayonsWe need to take a little time and effort to express our love and gratitude for the little ones in our lives – and in a way they will appreciate :) Let’s color them happy by dressing up a package of crayons with these free printables from “Sweet Metel Moments”, then gifting them with some thanksgiving coloring sheets like these:

Thanksgiving Activity Sheets

thanksgiving activity pages

2. Scarecrow Spree

Scarecrow SpreeGo on a “Scarecrow Spree” by making and gifting rolls of candy dressed up like these fine country gentlemen :) For under a dollar, you can say “Thank You” in such a sweet way :)

3. Gift of Relaxation

Bath Salts Thank You

If you have a friend or family member who works hard (and who doesn’t?) then say “thank you” by gifting some relaxation! Add a sweet note to some bath salts or lotions and you will really help her feel appreciated :)

4. Turkey Towels

Turkey hand towels

A nice way to thank a hostess for a wonderful meal would be to present her with some beautiful “turkey” hand towels! Check out this adorable tutorial!

5. Thanksgiving Word Art

Autumn Subway Art

For a meaningful way to say “thank you”, simply print and frame! This will be a gift that says “thank you” all season long, and they will think of you every time they see it :) There are a TON to choose from on IShare Printables!

6. Thank You Notes (In Many Languages)

Thank you notes

Sometimes the gifts that mean the most are heartfelt notes! Knowing that someone took the time to think about you and write down some thoughts can really mean a lot. These adorable little printable note cards from “Creative Mamma” even come in three languages, so you can say “thank you” to everyone!

7. Mini “Thankful” Journal

thankful booklet

Help those you love be filled with gratitude by giving them a sweet mini “I’m Thankful For” booklet like this one from “I Love It All”!

8. Cheesecake Leaves

Cheesecake Leaves

Package up an festive treat, add a little note, and pass it along to someone you are grateful for! These amazing cheesecake leaves would be perfect!

9. “From The Kitchen Of” Labels

From The Kitchen of labels

Speaking of treats, another way to say “thanks” is to share your favorite recipes as you share the treat! Jot down the recipe of the food you are sharing on these cute little “From The Kitchen Of” cards from Anders Ruff!

10. Gratitude Tree

Gratitude Tree

Help your family say “thank you” for the blessings in their lives using this printable “Gratitude Tree” from “My Computer Is My Canvas”! Fabulous idea!

11. Thanksgiving Printables Set

Thanksgiving printable set

If you love to coordinate, then a HUGE printable set is what you need. This is a gorgeous one from

12. Thanksgiving Printable Play Set

Thanksgiving printable play set

And don’t forget to print off your free HowDoesShe exclusive Thanksgiving activity sets! Perfect for keeping the kiddos busy, especially while you are working hard to create a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner!

For more ideas on fun ways to say “thank you”, pop by IShare! New ideas are being submitted, by friends like YOU, each and every day! Never miss an opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to those you love.

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12 fun ways to say thank you

    1. November 15th, 2012 at 10:46 am
      Stephanie says:
      Yay! I just printed my Thanksgiving/Autumn subway word art - loved it and had no idea you created it until I went to print it! Great collection of ideas - I know I will be using many of them!
    2. November 21st, 2013 at 11:59 am
      Hannah Schmidt says:
      such cute, ideas will have to keep these in mind. i am put in charge of the kids table every year!
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