100k Fan Giveaway #34 -Paci-Catcher

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At one point in my life, I had 3 kids under 3. One of the biggest pains was when binkies and cups were dropped or throw. I can’t tell you how many we’ve lost! Anyone else experience this?

This is where Paci-Catchers comes into play. How much easier these would have made my life and will make yours! Never lose another toy/cup/binkie in the Target aisles again!

sippy catcherpaci-catcher


1. One lucky winner will receive a full Paci-Catchers gift set, which includes:

1 Paci-Catcher and Set of Adapters for use with all pacifier styles

1 Toy-Catcher and Wood Teething Ring set

1 Sippy-Catcher set

Winner chooses boy, girl or gender neutral set.


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