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Don't you hate it when you pull your sweater off the hanger and slip it on and you've got bumps on the shoulders from the hanger? It's seriously the worst! Jared's got us hooked up with a great new way to take care of those sweaters and avoid the bumps altogether! Awesome job Jared!! My sweaters will thank you!     Need a...
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a goodbye letter to my babies featured
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  Today marks the bittersweet end of an era.  Today, I'm closing a chapter in my life that has lasted six years and yielded me four precious little beings--little bodies that I harbored safely within my own for a combined 160 weeks.  Perfect little people that share my eyes, their dad's nose, and have brought me joy beyond...
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Healthy Spreads and Dips for Wraps and Sandwiches featured
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Last month I shared with you my favorite healthy sauces for pastas and meat dishes.  This month I wanted to share with you my favorite healthy spreads and dips for wraps and sandwiches.  These basic recipes contain no sugar, gluten free and many are dairy free.  They aren't just for those who have allergies or wanting to lose weight, but...
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top 7 lipsticks for spring featured
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  Hello Beauties! Spring is here and I am ready for fun colorful lippies, how about you?! These are my top seven lipsticks that I recommend to everyone for spring and summer, they are a lot of fun and add a little bit of sassiness to your everyday look. I chose colors that were bold and vibrant for all you beauties not afraid to be...
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banana-pudding-in-a-jar featured
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We are so excited to welcome Ruthie back for another easy and delicious recipe - this one is perfect for spring celebrating! Take it away, Ruthie! Hi all my friends at How Does She! It's Ruthie from Cooking with Ruthie and I'm back for my last guest post here with y'all. It's been so fun to visit with you and share some of the creations from my...
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Folding the clean clothes just got a whole lot easier! Jared's back to show us how he folds those t-shirts and saves time in the laundry room! Thanks Jared, I can't wait to try this out!     Want to see more? Jared's got a lantern hack that will blow your mind! And how he opens a door when his hands are full is so...
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Can you feel it yet? The sun slowly warming the cold tundra? I find this time of year, and the promise of summer, pure bliss. That being said, the sun isn't always great. It can have harsh effects on those who do not protect themselves. This is something I feel passionate about myself due to some alarming finds at the dermatologist in my early...
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rope twist tutorial
by  |  posted under Beauty, Hair, Video
Hi there! How is everyone doing today?! I have this very quick EASY tutorial that is beyond perfect for those days that your hair is just giving you heck and you don't know what else to do! This twist can be worn in multiple different ways and is perfect when you have five minutes to get ready. Try it out and let me know what y'all think! Thanks...
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21 Tips to Make the Most of Disneyland (10)
by  |  posted under Family, Family Time, Fun With Kids
Disneyland is such a magical place and there are gagillions of tips and tricks to make your visit more enjoyable. Here are 21 of my favorite, some of which I’ve never read online. Please leave a few of your best tips in the comments section. 1. Go Early – This seems obvious to me but I can’t stress it enough. Arrive at least 30 minutes...
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by  |  posted under Easter/Spring, Uncategorized
I'd love to say I've been planning Easter baskets for weeks; but, let's be real. I haven't. At all. Except for those mini-Cadbury eggs.....but I NEEDED chocolate last Tuesday and those are now gone. Oops. Perhaps there are other moms like me? Those who appreciate a good online shopping experience and the contents of Easter goodness sent...
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