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 Picture this scenario: A blizzard is blazing outside, you've been busy working all day, the kids are complaining of hunger and it's nearly six o'clock. You've got maybe half an hour before your house breaks out into all kinds of mayhem and you've somehow got to get supper on the table. This calls for something EASY, something TASTY, and...
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The weather is cold outside.  The snow is falling.  And a cup of hot chocolate will hit the right spot and warm the belly.  Skip the store-bought hot chocolate packets that are filled with corn syrup and hydrogenated oils and make your own hot chocolate recipe in minutes!  Whatever you use, whether its cocoa powder or melted chocolate, it's...
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bohemian braid tutorial thumbnail-1
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Kylee from Kylee's Korner is back to teach us how to do a care-free, yet gorgeous braid in minutes flat! I think it's fair to say we all love Kylee's style. Kylee is the queen of easy, gorgeous tutorials.  Make sure to follow her on Instagram and on her YouTube channel for more...
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    I'd never heard the term helicopter parent until I was accused of being one in a comment here.  Apparently I was one due to my no-sleepover rule. Rather than be upset by this accusation, I began to wonder--what is this thing they speak of...this "helicopter parent?"  So I dug deeper;  if I'm going to be labeled...
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I’ve always thought Facebook birthday posts were a waste of time and I would never send them. They don’t mean, “I love you,” or, “I hope you’re having a great birthday.” What they really mean is, “I am a slave to social media. A message popped up and told me to say this so I did.” Except when it’s my birthday. When...
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I'm so excited to announce a HUGE holiday cash giveaway today to help with your Christmas shopping!! I've teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to give $800 Paypal Cash to one lucky reader! Yes, you read that right… WOW! But, that's not all… If you're like me, you've been eating lots of holiday treats and will want to burn some...
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I just can’t believe I am back again in the kitchen making gingerbread houses. This time last year I was building a gingerbread village as a centerpiece for an afternoon tea party at my church that took me almost a week to make from start to finish. It was so worthwhile, and I was so happy with the results. It was also my first time ever...
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Hosting a New Year's Eve Party?  Here's some fabulous DIY festive decorations you're not going to want to miss!  Your friends and family are guaranteed to have a blast while your decorating budget remains intact.  How awesome is that? 1. You've got to have a Photo Booth Backdrop!  Learn how to make one with this great how-to. 2.  Make...
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Top 10 New Year's Eve Adult Party Games
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Hosting a New Year's Eve party with a bunch of adults coming?  Or maybe you're assigned to bring a fun game for the group? Here's a lot of fun ones you can do!  Most don't even take a lot of prep work, be prepared to have a good time! 1. Trivia games are always a hit.  Love that they have already done the work for us. 2.  The name game...
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Duct tape featured
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  There's a running joke in my family about the many miraculous uses of duct tape.  Today, it comes in so many fun patterns and colors that the creative possibilities are endless!  Here are a few totally awesome projects you can do with duct tape that you never thought possible. 1. Messenger bag 2. Lanyards 3. Colorful clip...
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