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4 Kitchen Hacks in 1 Minute We know time is tight, so this week Jared decided to share with you 4 kitchen hacks in 1 minute. From keeping the cutting board from slipping to cutting your grapes in half the easy way, I think you'll agree he's pretty handy in the kitchen too!     Did you catch last week's video? Jared...
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Preserving Childhood One Imperfect Moment at a Time featured
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  On a recent trip home for my grandmother's funeral, I walked into my parent's house to see her legacy stacked high on the coffee table.  Photo books galore.  Nothing fancy--just binders full of pictures and her priceless captions and grandmotherly musings. "Here's Queen Nicolette and all of her royal subjects..." As I sat down and...
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gold toe socks featured
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This is a sponsored post. However all of my opinions related to the product are my own. As you read on, you'll see I REALLY love these socks! --- Okay, let's get personal....let's talk about socks. No, not as personal as talking about undies, but still, socks are one of those things we have to have and usually we stick to one brand and...
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I have to be honest. As well as I know my husband, he's REALLY difficult to buy gifts for. He, on the other hand, is the best gift giver ever, so I wanted to do something else for him this year outside, of course, of the kids' million (sweet) handmade gifts and pictures (which are his favorite). I tried to listen REALLY well to things he brought...
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loopbraid featured
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  Hi again! This weeks we are learning how to achieve the ever so popular loop braid! I have seen it around quite a bit and I think that it is absolutely beautiful! I wanted to get a Loop Braid Tutorial up because I feel like it is such a gorgeous spring and summer hairstyle, it is romantic for wedding style as a bride or a guest,...
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german style soft pretzels (18)
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Many years ago, I got my first taste of a soft pretzel. It was at a local fair, and I was in LOVE! Again, in high school, while on  field trip to a German deli, I had my second taste, and I decided that I just HAD to learn how to make them myself. Fast forward a few (okay MANY) years and I hadn't found a recipe that tasted right. I couldn't...
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Fruit pizza
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HowDoes He Make Fruit Pizza? Jared's back with another fabulous idea, how to make fruit pizza! A quick, easy and delicious way to enjoy all that yummy fruit from the farmer's market or grocery store. Watch today's video for the tutorial, your belly will thank you!         And while you're there, be...
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The trick to keeping kids in their beds (7)
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Heading into summer, with longer daylight hours, my kids seem to sleep less and less. Regardless of blackout shades their little eyes like to pop open far too early. And although I can't force them to go back to sleep (don't you wish that we could program them to sleep at certain times!!) this little trick keeps them in their beds  -...
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Now that the kiddos are out of  school, is it possible you might a little more "free time". No early morning drop offs, PTO meetings or concerts! Keep learning this summer! We know how much our HDS readers love crafts in all forms! Your talent is amazing. This is why we got so excited when we discovered Craftsy! We really think it's the...
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declutter your life (5)
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Declutter Your Life Over spring break, I took spring cleaning to an elevated tier of insanity. It was more of a spring cleansing. Hardly a toy or piece of clothing was left standing. There are several home organization and decluttering books I love because it’s more fun to read about cleaning and dejunking than to actually do it. And I had...
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