michellegiffordphotography featured image
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We at HowDoesShe.com are pleased to welcome a fabulous guest who is here to share some tips that will make your next family photo session a piece of cake! Michelle Gifford is a family and senior photographer in Southern California.  She is the momma to four amazing kids and the wife to her tall, dark and handsome husband.  She believes there is...
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1.first day
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How Does She Document the 1st Day of School? Free first day of school printables They sure grow up fast, don't they? Oh my! Like they say....the days are long, the years are short. Isn't that the truth? This year we printed out these fabulous 1st Day of School Printables to make sure these great moments are documented. I think my girls...
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Enjoy this post from our archives - perfect as autumn sneaks up on us! This week, Mother Nature decided it was time she brought snow for the Holidays, and right now is the perfect time to enjoy a lovely bowl of soup; to be more specific, the ubiquitous French Onion soup. I have, however, decided to give it a...
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Sports 2
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  Life with super-involved kids gets crazy...believe me, we know.  That's why we put together this really awesome guide to help you curb the crazy.  You know, those days when you have to run to pick the kids up from school, stuff a Pop Tart in their mouths, and then zip them over to soccer/football/dance/gymnastics...
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budget collage_edited-1
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  25+ Budgeting Tips - keep money in your pocket! It seems like everyone is looking for ways to cut back these days.  No matter how much we make, there's always going to be something that gobbles up our hard earned cash.  Here's some of my favorite budget saving tips! 1.  Everything I've been reading laetely says to start with a...
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08.28.15 Chinger?
by  |  posted under Desserts, Recipes
Yes, the rumors are true.  After years of flirtatious glances, Chocolate and Ginger have finally gotten together. Another Hollywood couple is born and this one without the typical 2-year shelf life of Hollywood romance. That’s right, Chinger is here to stay, folks.  I know it might sound like an unlikely combination but these two flavors...
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Brownie in a mug featured
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How Does She Make Brownie In a Mug? Do you ever get a chocolate craving, but don't really want to make an entire batch of brownies because you know you'll eat the whole thing? Ha! Or maybe the kids want a fun and yummy treat, but don't want to take the time to bake something? I'm loving this brownie in a mug idea. The perfect size for 1 serving...
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Quest for the Best Rockin Your Next Vacation (featured)
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  I recently got back from a big family trip to the Oregon Coast that included my parents, all of my siblings, their spouses, and seven grandchildren.  We caravanned in four car-loads with 24+ hours of total driving ahead of us.  Armed with travel snacks, DVDs, coloring books, and barf bags...we were ready to go. But not before a...
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by  |  posted under Family Time, Great Deals, Uncategorized
  If you have kids, chances are they want to go to Disneyland. If it’s your family’s first time making the trek to the Happiest Place on Earth, it can seem a little overwhelming. To help you plan the perfect trip, we’ve put together the ultimate Disneyland vacation planning checklist to make sure you get everything you need in the...
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Preserving fresh herbs (featured)
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If your garden is giving you an abundance of too many fresh herbs at once, don't let them wilt.  Dry them!  Or, if you picked up a bundle of fresh herbs from the farmer's market, don't let them spoil in the fridge.  Dry them!  Preserving fresh herbs is a simple method where you can enjoy summer-flavored herbs all winter long. Air...
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