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"I have enjoyed using m5 fitness for a couple different reasons. First, I love that I can stay at home and not have to go anywhere. That makes it much easier to get my workout in when my kids are napping. I also love that you can choose a program and it automatically schedules different workouts for each day!" -Rebecca J.  Tonight when my kids...
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25 furniture Hacks
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Have you ever noticed they just don't make furniture like they used to?  That's why up cycling is so great.  You get the modern day look and convenience with the olden day workmanship.  It's a perfect combination!  Here's my latest finds when it comes to upcyling.  I know I can definitely benefit from these! What about you? 1.  Curbside...
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With a million things to do and a million directions to do them in, busy moms can use all the help we can get!  Check out the top apps recommended for moms by readers like you.  For the complete brainstorming session on our HowDoesShe Facebook page, click HERE. Scheduling & Lists 1.  Cozi (FREE): manages every aspect of family life...
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In celebration of FINALLY releasing our patterns we are having a HUGE SALE! You can get 50% off any pattern, (including the entire book set), using code: HALFOFF --- *All patterns are now available in the HowDoesShe Store HERE!* --- Remember the days before smart phones, when kids had good 'ole fashioned fun?  We want to help bring it...
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DIY Gifts under $10
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I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of DIY gifts.  I love to make them and I love to give them away.  If you're careful, it will also save you a bit of money too!  I've rounded up a list of inexpensive gifts that won't break the bank!  Enjoy! 1.  Flower Monogram Frame.  Grandparents would love this one! 2.  Make your own...
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I have been nervous about sharing these photos all week... but here I go. This is me. This is my body. This is real.  I am so grateful to my body for carrying my two beautiful boys. I know there is a price I pay and it is totally worth it. However, the uncomfortable feeling of the in-between your skinny pants and chubby sweat pants is...
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Bobby Pins
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It used to be that bobby pins were hidden, as we didn't want anyone to know that we had to call in the bobby pin reinforcements!  But these days, bobby pins are all the rage - making fashion statements and catching people's attention, just like any good accessory should do.  Enjoy these easy, fun and creative ways to wear a bobby pin! 1 - 7....
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Morning protein shakes are my go-to for breakfast.  I love mixing different fruits and veggies in my shake.  So, when the weather turns and the leaves change colors, pumpkin is my favorite shake add-in.  It's like having pumpkin pie for breakfast but without the fat and calories!  Did you know that pumpkin is really healthy for you?  Just...
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Who knew that toothpaste could be so helpful?  From hanging pictures to scrubbing toilets, toothpaste has a ton of uses.  Just be sure to use the non fancy, non gel kind, or it might not work out so good!  Here's to many amazing toothpaste hacks... 1.  Wow this idea is so simple, yet so brilliant.  I'm doing this from now on.  How to...
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 One of my favorite treats, from childhood to adulthood, has to be an ooey-gooey caramel apple.  I can't leave a fair or amusement park without getting an over-priced, but so delicious caramel apple.  To add a Halloween twist on the classic treat, I made up this killer recipe for Candy Corn Caramel Apples. The secret ingredient...candy...
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