Hair Bow Bun Tutorial #hairbow -
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  Hair Bow Bun Tutorial Hi everyone! I attempted to do a tutorial on my little lady this week. As you can see it was a little hard for my camera to stay focused because she was a little wiggle worm! I love this cute hairstyle in her blonde hair and I have also been seeing it a lot this spring, not only on little girls but teens and...
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5 Tips to slim-down Success - HowDoesShe slim-down challenge
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Welcome to week four of our HowDoesShe Summer Slim-down Challenge. Chyna is back with 5 tips to fitness success that will have us seeing actual results! 5 Tips to Slim-Down Success It's already week FOUR of the How Does She Summer Slim-Down Challenge! You know what that means...... we're another week closer to SUMMER! For anyone who is tired...
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Lets Pretend I’m a Good Mom featured
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Let's Pretend I'm a Good Mom I’m so far from perfect that sometimes I wonder if it would even recognize me if we ran into each other on the street. I’m not imperfect in the It’s-So-Cool-To-Say-How-Lame-I-Am kind of way. It’s more an I-Want-To-Be-Better-So-Bad-And-Sometimes-I-Am-A-Little-And-I-Guess-That’s-Okay-But-I-Know-I-Can-Be-More...
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Camps featured
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  Are you or your teens/tweens looking for a great way to earn some extra money this summer?  Hosting summer camps is a fantastic way to earn a little cash for the upcoming school year, plus have a lot of fun in the process!  Here are some helpful summer camp ideas to get you going! These great tips come from an amazing friend of mine...
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Open Packaging without Scissors
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How to Open Packaging Without Scissors   Ever have some stubborn packaging that just doesn't want to tear open? Try this handy trick and you'll be opening those packages in record time! No more hunting down the scissors! This is going to be so great for those tricky fruit snack and go-gurt packages we always seem to fumble...
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I won't hesitate to buy my 4 year old twins new outfits for just about every occasion. It's ridiculous really. A zoo field trip? Gotta get a new animal shirt! A national holiday? uhoh. Color inspired pants! Now, however, if we are discussing my wardrobe? I can't TELL you the last time I bought myself a dress. What is this phenomenon? Maybe they...
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graduation-printables featured
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  It's hard to believe but it's that time of year again. Time to celebrate the graduates. And we at HowDoesShe want to make your graduation celebrations extra special this year. How about some free printables from our own Heather with Chickabug?! We love Heather and the fabulous designs she creates to make special days just a little more...
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Beautiful 3D braid tutorial - #3Dbraid
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3d braid hair tutorial   Hi there! When I posted a picture on IG of me wearing this 3d braid hair I got a ton a requests for a tutorial!  So here is a step by step tutorial and how to create this beautiful braid that has quickly become one of my favorites! I hope that you guys like it and enjoy recreating it! Please tag me on IG...
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 Crocs have always been a hit in our family. They're easy to get on. Easy to wash off. We wear them to the park, the zoo, in the garden etc. etc. BUT did you know that Crocs AREN'T just your ordinary CROCS anymore? They've branched out into hundreds of different styles and I can't get enough. The same comfortable, easy shoe in everything from...
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IMG_6869 copy
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I love snacks. Like, I snack 24/7. Do you like snacks? I've been trying to really focus on healthy snacking. Good bye Doritos and handfuls of chocolate chips......We try to stick to fruits and veggies and other healthier choices. Sometimes, however, we need quick things to stick in my purse when we're on the go. I wish I were more prepared with...
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