raspberry almond chocolate chip squares featured
by  |  posted under Desserts, Recipes
  Time to be candid - I need to begin this post with a WARNING! These are the most ridiculously delicious squares ever and are not recommended if you are on a diet - unless, of course, it's cheat day ;) And if you need to - tell yourself that these squares have good things like fruit (even if it's in sugary jam), nuts (almonds count,...
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I love summer. Just thinking about it makes me giddy! One of my first stops for summer fashion is Pink Desert! I've gotten swimsuits from this company in the past and LOVED them so when I found out they had branched out into some every day wear, I was thrilled! Pink Desert recently launched a gorgeous, new clothing collection of dresses, skirts,...
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bubblepony featured image
by  |  posted under Beauty, Fashion, Hair, Makeup, Video
  Hi there! Welcome back! If you love fun, easy yet classy hairstyles raise your hand! I know I do so I wanted to post one of my all time favorite hairstyles for the rainy and windy spring days we are having. I have crazy long hair so during the spring it is usually pulled back because I dont want to deal with tangles and flat hair....
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personal creations howdoesshe (featured image)
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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Personal Creations Okay let's be honest here....didn't we just celebrate CHRISTMAS?  and now Easter is next week!?! Sometimes I'm lucky to just get the dishes and laundry done...and that's a celebration in itself.   So I'm happy to take a few short cuts when the crazy life of work,...
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  Ahhhh, summer. It's just around the corner and to saw we're excited it putting it lightly. I've already picked out new swimsuits for my littles. We put them in their Easter baskets each year and it's a fun tradition. Searching for a suit for mom can be a bit more difficult. We wanted to help you out, so we've rounded up a few of our...
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kerri butterfly pasta featured image
by  |  posted under Crafting, Decorating, Do It Yourself, Easter/Spring
  Every year I say I'm going to do a better job at decorating for spring time. It seems like every year I get too busy and decorating gets pushed to my mental low priority list. Well, not this year because I'm using my noodle.....literally! Yes, I busted out a box of bow tie pasta and spaghetti noodles and created a little bit of...
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by  |  posted under Cleaning, Video
Don't you hate it when you pull your sweater off the hanger and slip it on and you've got bumps on the shoulders from the hanger? It's seriously the worst! Jared's got us hooked up with a great new way to take care of those sweaters and avoid the bumps altogether! Awesome job Jared!! My sweaters will thank you!     Need a...
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a goodbye letter to my babies featured
by  |  posted under Babies, Family, Inspiration, Mother's Day, Parenting, Uncategorized
  Today marks the bittersweet end of an era.  Today, I'm closing a chapter in my life that has lasted six years and yielded me four precious little beings--little bodies that I harbored safely within my own for a combined 160 weeks.  Perfect little people that share my eyes, their dad's nose, and have brought me joy beyond...
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Healthy Spreads and Dips for Wraps and Sandwiches featured
by  |  posted under Appetizers, Recipes, Sides, Uncategorized
Last month I shared with you my favorite healthy sauces for pastas and meat dishes.  This month I wanted to share with you my favorite healthy spreads and dips for wraps and sandwiches.  These basic recipes contain no sugar, gluten free and many are dairy free.  They aren't just for those who have allergies or wanting to lose weight, but...
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top 7 lipsticks for spring featured
by  |  posted under Beauty, Hair, Makeup, Video
  Hello Beauties! Spring is here and I am ready for fun colorful lippies, how about you?! These are my top seven lipsticks that I recommend to everyone for spring and summer, they are a lot of fun and add a little bit of sassiness to your everyday look. I chose colors that were bold and vibrant for all you beauties not afraid to be...
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