Thrive Family Favorites2
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In addition to being great food storage, THRIVE is healthy, tasty, and convenient for making meals with kids! My kids really do love Thrive. The first thing they ever tasted was the corn and they asked if it was...
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doing pasta the healthy way featured
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If only I could eat pasta and white bread for dinner every night, I'd be one happy eater.  Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, but it's also the food that can be the cause of more than a few extra pounds on our bodies.  Since white pasta is made from refined wheat flour, the refining process makes it starchy and stripped of nutrition....
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Bake Baklava.  Be Famous. Lucky for us we get to have Sarah back to teach us how to make this GORGEOUS dessert!  If you missed Sarah's last post, you can get to know her here.  Thanks Sarah, take it away!...   "I have a dirty little secret. I’m not really that great of a cook. Yet around my neighborhood my status as a culinary...
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st patricks day in a jar
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Call it the 'Luck of the Irish', or call it favoritism towards our fabulous readers.  Either way we want you to know how much we appreciate your support.  Once again, with the help of chickabug, we created an exclusive gift especially for you: Free St. Patrick's Day Printables. What exactly is  St. Paddy's Day in a Jar? Basically a rainbow of...
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listerine featured image
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*This post is sponsored by Listerine, but all opinions are my own. Basically, having a clean mouth is pretty dang important! --- I have the sudden urge to sing, "Time for your check-up, time for your check-up, now". ;) We're half way through our challenge, guys! Remember our introduction post a couple weeks ago? Are you still swishing twice...
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HDSeyebrow1 copy
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This week were going to talk about eyebrows! They can make a big difference in your appearance and if done correctly will really draw attention and frame your beautiful eyes! Eyebrows are the bee’s knees right now and there are so many different opinions on how you should fill them in. The way that I do it isn’t necessarily the same way that...
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This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.  Basically, Blogelina rocks.  You'll see why. --- “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth Isn't this profound? I know, for me, this is the reason I love blogging. Who doesn't like to make a mark in the world, and (if you're lucky) inspire others...
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  Not gonna lie...last month was a hard month.  Hard as a thousand root canals.  Harder than my first legit job as a rotten potato sorter in sub-zero weather inhaling dirt and putrid potato smells. But first, let me back up. In mid-November we brought home a new baby boy.  We spent the holidays loving on him, and even though we had...
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Ever caught unprepared when the power goes out or while camping? Jared's latest DIY trick is the perfect solution! Check it out, you just might find it handy...
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Lemon Coconut Muffins -
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Good Morning! It's Ruthie from Cooking with Ruthie and I'm so happy to be back to share a delicious spring inspired recipe! I'm so happy Spring is just around the corner! I love all the seasons but Spring is my favorite... I love to see all the beautiful daffodils, tulips, and iris bloom one right after the other. I also love to enjoy a nice...
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